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Auto-Ordnance firearms for sale by Omaha Outdoors are made in America and are faithful representations of the same firearms American GIs carried into battle against Imperial Japanese and Nazi German forces during WW2. They also make the same firearms gangsters and FBI agents alike used to battle over city streets in the heyday of Prohibition, and they'll look great next to your pinstripe suit and trunk full of moonshine. Not only are these reproductions of the originals, they carry the same manufacturer name - Auto-Ordnance was the original manufacturer of the Thompson Submachinegun.

Auto-Ordnance Firearms For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

One of the most famous firearms of the entire 20th century, the Thompson submachine gun was invented in the closing days of World War I as a "trench sweeper" designed to allow a single American soldier to clear out an entire enemy trench simply by squeezing the trigger of his pistol-caliber weapon that was significantly smaller than the rifles of the day. Firing the then-new 45 ACP cartridge, it packed quite a wallop at short range, which is where the Thompson was designed to excel.

Without a big war to fight overseas, the Thompson found plenty of smaller wars on the homefront. Mobsters used two Thompsons in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, a crime which still reverberates through American society and pop culture. It was soon picked up by the FBI and countless police departments, as well as the US Marine Corps, who used it in the little-known Central American conflicts of the 1920s. When World War II began, the Thompson was tweaked based on feedback from British and American users, and the iconic drum magazine was ditched in favor of 20 round stick mags. Don't worry, we still have the 50 round 45 ACP drum magazine for your 1927A-1 Tommy Gun, but if it's the WW2 GI look you're going for, we carry 20 and 30 round stick mags as well. The classic violin or FBI hard case complete the look for the gangster gun. There are dozens of Tommy Gun variants available, from nickel-plated and gold-plated-style gangster guns to factory M1 Thompson SBRs that are as close as you'll get to going ashore on Guadalcanal without a time machine and a bottle of quinine.

Pistol Icon: The 1911

No discussion of WW2 firearms would be complete without the 1911. We talk about the Thompson being iconic, but the 1911 takes that word to another level. Auto-Ordnance Corp makes another "time machine" pistol in the form of the 1911A1 BKO, a reproduction of the sidearm carried by millions of GIs at a time when the future of the world was at stake. This parkerized pistol has a steel frame and bar stock slide, barrel, and extractor for long service life and easy maintenance. You have a choice between GI spec and wood grips. An excellent choice as a conversation piece, a reenactment prop, or a range blaster, the 1911 9mm and 45 ACP pistols from Auto-Ordnance keep alive the traditions of the past for generations of the future.

Not a Pistol, Not a Rifle, Not a Submachine Gun: The M1 Carbine

It's a bit of a puzzle as to why the M1 nomenclature was applied to the M1 Carbine, M1 Rifle (known colloquially as the Garand), and M1 Thompson submachinegun. It's not as if the Army Air Corps flew P-51 Mustangs and P-51 Flying Fortresses. In any case, the M1 Carbine is an excellent, if often forgotten, example of WW2 wartime thinking that carries over to this day: not all troops need a full length, full power rifle capable of engaging targets at 1000 yards. Some have a need for a smaller, lighter, easier to shoot shoulder-fired weapon that can be packed in a smaller location. For paratroopers, the M1 Carbine in Para configuration was just the ticket, while officers and other troops received the full-stock M1 Carbine. Firing the 30 Carbine cartridge which was roughly equivalent to a 357 Magnum in terms of power, it did a lot of damage up close and could be quickly fired and reloaded, but didn't weigh nearly as much as the M1 Rifle or M1 Thompson. Its descendant - adopted, not direct - is the M4 Carbine in use by American troops overseas today. Auto-Ordnance makes reproductions of both the standard M1 Carbine and folding-stock M1 Para.



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