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ATN Corporation X-Sight II scopes for sale by Omaha Outdoors, feature incredible technology and connectivity previously unheard of in the firearm world. With ATN's Obsidian II Core, you'll be able to see and hit targets in a variety of conditions without external help from ballistic computers or rangefinders - plus the scope will record in full HD the shots you take or any other views you want to share.

ATN Corp Night Vision Optics For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

If you've played a modern first person shooter video game or watched a TV show or movie about the military or a spy agency, you've seen the hero (or heroine) looking at the bad guys through a scope or binoculars that feature all sorts of ballistic, location, communications, and other data around the periphery of the screen. Just about the only bit of info you don't see stuffed onto the screen of one of these scopes is a stock ticker or Twitter feed. Rarely are these wonder-scopes based in reality, or if they are, they greatly exaggerate the cool factor or usefulness of the data.

ATN, with its new X-Sight II scopes, blows the imaginary optics of video games and movies out of the water. By combining a scope, a camera, and a computer, ATN's Obsidian II Core lets you range a distance to target and calculate an adjusted point of aim based on distance, wind, elevation, and other factors, all of which are displayed in a logical pattern around the edge of the screen - just program the scope with your bullet's ballistic information using your smartphone or tablet and the ATN Obsidian app and a new reticle will appear in your field of view telling you exactly where to aim in order to make the perfect shot.

You can also livestream your field of view to a phone or tablet and review any videos recorded via the app - plus with RAV or Recoil Activated Video you won't have to worry about hitting record, as the motion of the rifle's recoil will do that for you, all in 1080P HD.

ATN Corp Night Vision Known for Top Quality

While ATN's smart scopes have grabbed all the attention lately, the bulk of their business is in night vision and thermal optics. ATN manufactures some of the most advanced night vision scopes on the market, up to and including Gen 4 night vision systems that would likely meet the standards of any potential Special Operations client.

ATN's introduction of WPT or White Phosphor Technology, which displays nighttime scenes in black and white instead of green and black, has greatly increased the viewer's ability to discern detail up close and at distance, allowing for better depth perception and identification of targets. Some end users even reported that WPT was "less stressful" than standard green night vision. If you've been looking for a more soothing combat experience, your unit should switch to WPT immediately!

Whether you're a recreational hog hunter looking to share your hunts with friends or a full time cop or servicemember in need of the very best night vision or thermal optics on the market, Omaha Outdoors has an ATN product for you at a price you can afford.



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