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Innovation in firearm design is always bringing about improvements, but no matter what direction the industry goes those established designed continue to offer shooters the reliable performance they have come to count on. Buying a traditionally built firearm offers not only the reliability you can trust but also a classic look that will declare your intentions without questions. You want a weapon that works; one that will put up with anything you might throw at it and continue to work without fail. When it comes to delivering this established performance, few companies compete with the quality offered by Arsenal firearms.

At Omaha Outdoors, we strive to become the number one online destination for all services related to Arsenal. This is why we always have Arsenal rifles, rifle style pistols, and AK parts in stock and ready to ship. When you order through us, you are asking for only the best in customer service, and we will do our best to live up to this promise.

About Arsenal Inc

Though Arsenal Inc. as it exists today was not established until the year 2000, the origins of the company date back much further than this. Back in 1878, the Artillery Arsenal of Rousse was established in Bulgaria and there it began producing some of the highest quality firearms of that time for military use. After undergoing many changes over the year, the factory was eventually combined to produce other machined products until the firearm production ceased. In 2000, Arsenal firearms took off with the old traditions, using the latest technology to bring back these old designs and offer shooter military-grade performance at a great price.

Arsenal Rifles For Sale

The SAM7R is the staple line of rifles offered by Arsenal. This rifle was designed after the AK-47 and is chambered to handle 7.62x39mm caliber ammunition. It is Bulgarian-made and includes a muzzle brake in the design to provide for the best accuracy and recoil control. Using 100% new parts and components, it provides for a quality weapon that you can count on. Its hard-chrome plated bore and chamber help to promote longevity, even after intense firing sessions.

When looking at the options online, it is important to pay attention to milled vs. stamped receivers. Milled receivers are made using a solid block of heavy forged steel. This takes plenty of time and builds for a very solid platform. It also carries extra weight with it. Alternatively, stamped receivers, use a flat piece of thin metal as the base. This allows them to be much lighter, but often also means they cannot stand up to as much stress as the heavier options.

Of course, Arsenal also manufactures a variety of other models that emulate the AK-47 and AK-74 rifles. Regardless of what you are looking for, search through the inventory on our site and see if you can find something that fits your needs. If you don’t see it here, please contact us directly and see if we can help get you the best in AK style performance.

Arsenal Pistols

The two major pistol options offered by Arsenal are the SAM7K and the SLR-106U/UR Pistol. Both of these weapons features a rifle style layout and are chambered to fire rifle sized ammunition. This allows you to get the performance of a rifle from a much smaller package and makes for a great option for those who need something more covert to carry or when lighter weight matters.

The SAM7K is designed to mimic the AK-47 in every aspect, providing for a platform to shoot 7.62x39mm in a compact package. It includes an AK scope rail and a cold-forged barrel built on Styr technology. With an ambidextrous safety lever, it comes ready for anyone to shoot reliably.

Alternatively, the SLR-106U/UR is built to fire 5.56 NATO standard caliber, allowing for a lighter overall weight and even more tactical options. It uses a short gas system to provide for a reliable cycling rate and uses a compensator to provide for reduced recoil in the field.

Both pistols come with a variety of configuration options, including an option that comes standard with the Sig Arm Brace. Perhaps as notable, users can choose between models that include muzzle brakes, compensators, and different rail systems. By browsing through the selection of pistols, you should be able to find something that fits your specific needs.

Arsenal Parts

To complete their offerings, Arsenal also builds a variety of different accessories intended for use with their firearms. Many of the weapons offer optic side mounts to ensure that you can give yourself the best change at hitting your target. You can also get complete front sight blocks meant for use with their rifles. Other options include: boosters, stocks, tools, and much more.

Naturally, Omaha Outdoors carries a variety of extra magazines and accessories for Arsenal, ensuring you can have your next gun laid out exactly as you want it. When you order you next rifle or handgun, simply select the extra magazines you might want to have with it and get everything you need in one convenient place. This helps make your shopping experience that much easier, and ensures you can get everything you need without having to look around at different stores.

If you are looking to get yourself some Arsenal firearms with the best service, look no further than Omaha Outdoors. We carry all of the best designs from this company, allowing our customers to find the right weapon to fit their shooting needs. When you need a weapon that was designed to put up with the stresses of regular military use while still keeping up with the latest technology, these quality guns are the way to go. Simply use the handy sorting feature to find what you need, or search for the exact model you are looking for. If you have questions about what you might need, please give us a call directly. We look forward to helping you get the arsenal product that will really fit your needs.

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