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Armscor firearms for sale from Omaha Outdoors are made by people with a long tradition of arms manufacturing in a country where production of arms has meant life or death. This country has been, in addition, one of America's strongest allies and full of people with whom America has shared some of its darkest hours, only to finally emerge together in triumph. This country is, of course, the Philippines. For centuries, firearms manufacturing has been the lifeblood of certain regions of this country. Armscor carries on this proud tradition with their high quality and innovative products such as firearms made in the 22 TCM cartridge.

Armscor 1911 Pistols and Ammo For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Because there weren't enough caliber options for the 1911 pistol, Armscor introduced the 22 TCM, named after the Tuason family behind Armscor, which fires a 40 grain bullet at 2000fps from a 5" pistol barrel. It's no slouch in the power department, with a projectile weight greater than that of FN's 5.7x28mm cartridge and a muzzle velocity, from a pistol, significantly greater as well. This is a cartridge that will do a lot of damage. In the 1911 platform, it's pretty easy to control, too, and with a single stack magazine, you'll find it reliable and easy to conceal. Magazine capacity is lower than the 5.7x28 due to the TCM case being a shortened version of the 5.56 NATO cartridge, but what does a huge magazine capacity mean if the bullets don't actually do anything? Armscor makes and imports plenty of 1911 options in .22 TCM and also makes more than one 22 TCM rifle which would be a fantastic choice for varmint hunting, while it also has the unique advantage of being able to take 17 round 22 TCM pistol mags. That's a lot of groundhogs who won't be seeing their shadows. Plus, you could carry a pistol and rifle chambered in the same cartridge, making your hunting trips much simpler from a logistical perspective. Have a 9mm 1911 and want to try out the 22 TCM cartridge? Armscor makes a conversion kit that'll be right up your alley.

High Value Revolvers and 1911s

Armscor isn't just super-fast tiny bullets. They also make 1911s from basic GI spec to highly customized versions used by some of the world's best competition shooters to win international pistol matches. These pistols are CNC machined from 4140 ordnance grade steel and hand-fitted and assembled by people who know the 1911 very well.

Revolvers are also a significant part of the company's business. The M200 and M206 are six-shot 38 Special revolvers with double action / single action shooting capability thanks to their easily thumbed hammer, although the M206 Spurless has a bobbed hammer for close-in work where snagging is going to give you a bad time. Made of steel, these are easy to control and are even available in a pleasing matte nickel finish.



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