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Sometimes, it takes more than good design to succeed. In the firearm industry, there are certain names that immediately bring up examples of that sentiment. Among the most notable is Armalite. The originator of the AR-style rifle. At Omaha Outdoors we keep a variety of Armalite rifles and parts in stock. This helps ensure that your shopping experience can run as smoothly as possible and you can find exactly the parts you need to fit your individual shopping needs. Our team is here to help, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly. Our mission is to become your number one destination for Armalite products, so let us help you find what you need.

About Armalite

Originally founded in 1954, Armalite was a small arms manufacturing company originally founded to develop weapons for military use. Though their earliest attempts were failures, they found some success with the AR-10 and AR-15 designs. Unfortunately, due to their early failures, they sold these designs to Colt in hopes that it could get them somewhere. After the AR-15 proved to be successful, they developed the improved AR-18. Without enough traction, the company failed in the early 80s. In 1996, Mark Westrom purchased the naming rights and re-launched the company. Now it produces AR-10 and AR-15 variants for use by military and civilians.

Armalite Rifles

Armalite has a wide variety of different rifles for sale, each of them following along with the original AR rifle pattern. Most of these variants follow the AR-10 or AR-15 in their design. This means that weapons include 7.62x59mm and 5.56x45mm options. With such a wide selection of weapon available, shooters can browse below to find exactly what they need.

One of the most notable options is the Defensive Sporting Rifle 10. This is chambered for 7.62 / .308 and comes ready with all of the standard features you would want out of this sort of rifle. It includes a ejection port cover, forward assist, and brass deflector as standard options on the rifle. Featuring a flash suppressor as standard equipment it comes ready to perform with the best rifles on the market today and comes at an affordable price.

The AR-10 Versatile Sporting Rifle is another popular options and comes in at a bit higher tier. It’s built with a Raptor ambidextrous charging handle and ambidextrous safety to ensure ease of use by a variety of shooters. It is all built to Mil-Spec and offers 1:10 RH twist for accuracy and performance. It features a threaded muzzle to allow for additional attachment of a suppressor.

Those seeking a 5.56 might look at the M-15 Tactical Rifle. With similar options to the AR-10, it allows for extreme performance in the field. If you really want something different, the AR-10 pistol is an excellent option and comes with the Sig Arm brace for pistol-like performance from a rifle caliber.

Armalite Accessories

Armalite also manufactures a variety of sights, mounts, handguards, and other rifle accessories. Their main optical solution is the A.R.M.S. flip up sights, which are made from metal-reinforced polymer to ensure a durable and reliable construction. They fit on all Universal Dovetail 1913 and Weaver style rails to ensure easy installation. Other options in this category include: detachable carry handles, picatinny rails, and cope mounts.

When it comes to handguards, they offer both standard and free-floating options to fit a variety of shooting styles. They also sell 1913 guards that are ready to accept any standard Mil-Spec accessories that you might need to add. Naturally, you can also find a variety of gun cleaning supplies, bi-pods, tools, and other accessories for your rifle.

At Omaha Outdoors, we carry all variety of Armalite rifles and accessories. Whether you are looking to get a completely new rifle or simply purchase some extra accessories to keep you going, everything is organized for easy access and a simple shopping experience. Sort through the many options available or feel free to call use directly to ask for help.

Our goal is to give you the absolute best service available online. We look forward to helping you with your next purchase and getting you the Armalite products you are looking for.

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