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When you want to buy AmeriGlo sights for your firearm, there is no better destination than right here at Omaha Outdoors. In today’s competitive shooting community, you do everything you can to get the upper hand. After buying that factory handgun, you start by adding on new accessories and parts to your weapon for better performance. You might add on some different grips, adjust the trigger, change out the barrel, or even try a new recoil spring. While there are plenty of ways to improve a firearm’s performance, one of the simplest ways to get started is to upgrade the sights of your weapon. With a good set of AmeriGlo sights, you can really unlock your weapon’s potential and give yourself the best accuracy wherever you go.

With Omaha Outdoors, you gain access to a complete selection of AmeriGlo sights in stock and ready to ship. This means less time waiting for the items to become available and more time using your upgraded firearm for practice at the range. Whether you are interested in just upgrading your sights or doing a more complete weapon overhaul, Omaha Outdoors is here to help. Use our convenient sorting features below to sort through our options or pick up the phone and contact us directly for help. We look forward to serving you and hope you enjoy your new purchases.

Buy AmeriGlo Sights for Your Firearm

Operating from their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, the professionals at AmeriGlo are always looking for new and innovative ways to offer their customers the best in optical performance. With a focus on illuminated optics to help you see during nighttime or low-light operations, they strive to stand out from the crowd by delivering unique and functional options to keep your sights ready for action. In addition to their firearm components, they also sell separate glow sticks and other tactical lighting accessories that you might use on assignment or for general outdoor exploration.

Classic AmeriGlo Performance

Depending on your specific applications, AmeriGlo offers users a wide variety of different sights that might appeal to you. The Classic Tritium sights are where most casual and self-defense shooters start. If you purchase the set, you get a front sight with a single tritium insert and a rear notch sight with two inserts. These inserts all have a white outline around them and feature a green glow. Of course, they are also offered with a red insert or in a variety of other combinations. One of these combinations might include getting a red fiber optic front sight, designed to work well in bright environments and allow for a great alternative during daytime use.

Alternatively, the Defoor Tactical set might be the perfect option for the modern operator. It features a smooth rear notch sight without any dots or tritium inserts. The front sight provides a notched post with a non-glare finish and a small tritium insert at the bottom of the notch. This offers great visibility both day and night without giving away your location. Next, you might consider the Ghost Ring sight set. This offers the same front sight with tritium insert, but the rear tritium lamps come without a white outline and feature a wider body to allow for faster target acquisition when compared to traditional notch sights.

It is also important to remember that AmeriGlo offers some more specialized options based on your specific pistol model, so you should consider all options before making your choice.

Try Some Tall Suppressor Night Sights

In addition to the standard sight options, AmeriGlo is also ready to provide those tall suppressor night sights you need. These sights are designed taller than the standard options and deliver performance that will sit just above your standard suppressor. As a result, you can use that threaded barrel with a silencer installed and not worry about whether it might obstruct your view. As with all their products, these tall sights are made to provide the best sighting solution and deliver illumination that makes seeing easy no matter what environment you are in.

Which Firearm Do You Use?

Understanding that shooters today might turn to one of many different companies for their products, AmeriGlo is sure to offer sights for a wide variety of different major brands. Naturally, Glock is one of the most popular options, as military and law enforcement around the world trust this weapon for their operations. Similarly, companies like Springfield, Beretta, Heckler and Koch, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, and others all have options available to consider.

Beyond the standard pistol optics, you might also consider some of the long arms that have available AmeriGlo options. For instance, they manufacture a standard AR-15 sight set, which includes a single tritium front post and a rear aperture with two tritium inserts for great visibility at night. If you need something for home defense, the Mossberg Classic Tritium set is another great option. It delivers a 3-dot option for your Mossberg 590 and features green inserts with a white outline for better visibility.

Shopping for AmeriGlo Sights at Omaha Outdoors

Sights are one of the most important parts of your firearm and with a set of AmeriGlo sights installed, you can really get the most out of your favorite handgun. As with any other aftermarket sighting solution, it is recommended that you have these professionally installed for best results, but if you are working on your own project weapon, it can make for a great experience. Once these are in place, you can start shooting at your best and enjoy unwavering performance with every shot you take. Of course, shopping with Omaha Outdoors gives you the advantage of lightning fast shipping and individual customer service like you won’t find anywhere else online.

So, when you want to buy AmeriGlo sights for your firearm online, Omaha Outdoors is the place to look. Our convenient online storefront includes an extensive inventory of these items to ensure you are always able to find what you need. If you have any questions, please feel free to pick up the phone and speak with one of our professional representatives. When you are ready, just select the items you need from below and place your order online. If the item is in stock, we will have it on its way in no time. We look forward to sending out your new items and keeping you right on target with these professional sights.
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