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There are few weapons more iconic than the old 1911 pistol. Of course, getting a quality, USA-made 1911 can often cost a pretty penny and some shooters simply can’t afford that kind of cost. Fortunately, there are options outside the United States and even though they might not be made with 100% American parts and labor, they still live up to quality standards. After all, it is important for shooters to keep in mind that many of the most popular weapon systems used by military and law enforcement professionals are not actually manufactured by American companies. When you are willing to consider a more cost-effective option from outside the country, American Classic may be just the right fit.

Recognizing the quality manufacturing of these handguns, Omaha Outdoors keeps a variety of 1911 models in stock and ready to ship. This gives you the advantage of having options while you shop and also allows us to provide you with the fastest shipping time available in the industry today. Of course, we also understand you might have some questions, which is why our customer representatives are more than happy to assist. So, give us a call with your questions or simply use the handy sorting features below. Either way, we thank you for your business, and hope you can find exactly what you are looking for here online.

Brought Over by Eagle Imports

Though the name might sound somewhat deceiving, American Classic is part of the Eagle Imports family of products. Being shipped over to the US by Eagle Imports, this branch of the family works exclusively with the classic 1911 design, giving you some quality options at an affordable price. Generally, Eagle Imports only works with high quality manufacturers, shipping these weapons in from South America to the United States to give US-based shooters some more variety and options. Though you might not expect it, all of these American Classic weapons are made with high quality parts and reliable construction practices. More important, they come at a lower price point than you will typically find in the US, making them a popular option among shooters on a budget.

Classic Performance from the Classic Series

Offering all of the familiar curbs you look for from a 1911, the Classic Series is built to be accurate, smooth, and durable. The pistol is built around a throated forged 5” steel barrel, which affords a high degree of accuracy. In conjunction with the mil-spec front and rear sights, it provides a great way to stay on target with every shot. This is further supported by the smooth trigger pull, which allows you to stay on target just as easily with your follow up shots.

In addition to the basic mechanical features, the weapon offers a 4140 steel slide and is supported by checkered wood grips, which provide a familiar hold on the weapon. The rear slide serrations allow for easy racking of the slide as you enter into battle and the 8 round magazine is ready to accept any .45 ACP cartridges you might have ready to load.

Try the Classic II Series Instead

If basic just isn’t enough, you may instead be interested in the Classic II series. Not only does this pistol feature a more refined look, but it offers some extra features to ensure you always stay on target. Going back to front, this starts with the beavertail safety, which is extended to provide a more comfortable grip. The skeleton combat hammer offers easy access and the extended thumb safety allows for quick deactivation when your weapon is drawn. Its slide stop is also extended, giving you easy access after you have reloaded the weapon and need to resume firing.

To help support the system further, it uses a custom tuned trigger, which gives the crisp performance you want from a combat pistol. The lowered ejection port helps avoid any potential cycling issues and the added front serrations make it easy to use under pressure. Finally, the weapon is offered in your choice of duotone, hard chrome, or blue and comes with a lifetime service guarantee.

Commander and Compact Commander Offer Quality Performance

Seeing how popular the Classic II was, American Classic designed their Commander model almost entirely after this construction process. In general, it maintains the same features, though it uses a shorter 4.25” barrel to match the Commander profile. Due to the shorter barrel, it also drops off the front slide serrations. Like the larger model, it still comes with a lifetime service guarantee.

Of course, those who want to use this for concealed carry might consider the Compact Commander Model. As the name suggests, this features the same basic configuration as the regular Commander but comes with a more compact grip. Naturally, this makes 7 round magazines a better option. Regardless, the officer style frame design and compact grips make for a great carry option and provide a lightweight alternative you can trust.

The Unique Design of the Amigo Series

Though the compact might work for some to carry, those who want something really intended for covert use might instead check out the more unique Amigo handgun. Using a 3.6” bull type barrel, this weapon is still able to be loaded with a 7 round magazine and offers excellent performance in the field. Its reverse plug recoil system helps to lower the felt recoil, which is very useful in a high-powered gun of this size. The skeletal combat trigger provides a comfortable pull with every shot and the checkered grips allow you to keep a secure hold on the weapon, even under pressure.

Trophy Series for Competition-Level Performance

Finally, those who want the complete package and are willing to dish out the money to get it, will want to check out the Trophy Series. From top to bottom, every aspect of this pistol is designed to offer the best in practical performance. To achieve this, the weapon receives Novak-type rear sights as well as a fiber optic front sight. The weapon utilizes a full-length guide rod to improve accuracy and features ambidextrous controls to ensure anyone can safely use it. Its beveled mag well provides an easy and quick way to reload the weapon and the front and rear slide serrations provide a quick way to prepare the weapon for battle. Naturally, it comes with the same lifetime service contract as the other models, giving you security in knowing it will last.

Whether you are just after a basic 1911 or you are looking to move all the way up to the Trophy Model, American Classic has some great options to choose from. At Omaha Outdoors, we want your shopping experience to go as smoothly as possible, which is why we have built our website in a way that facilitates the easy navigation and discovery of these options. If you do have any questions, please pick up the phone and give us a call. Our customer service representatives look forward to chatting with you. Otherwise, shop with confidence.

Either way, we look forward to sending your new American Classics pistol.
American Classic
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