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ALG Defense products for sale at Omaha Outdoors have expanded from their initial offerings of triggers for the AR-15 and AK-47 / AK-74 to include rails, optic mounts, Glock parts, and even lubricants and grease. These products are all made with two excellent features: the best quality and amazingly affordable prices. You're not giving up an ounce of quality in design, machining, or finishing with ALG products, they're simply designed to be simply made, meaning savings can be passed on to the consumer.

ALG Defense Handguard Rails

Their AR15 EMR M-Lok handguard rails are an excellent example of this. They don't have a bunch of rail sections or crazy machining cuts to make them look aggressive for photo opportunities. What they do have is just what you need: a sling mount, a big area to hold the receiver, and slots to attach lights or other accessories. They're available in black, DDC (desert dirt color), gray, and ALG purple. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, they're extremely lightweight and are perfect for a wide variety of applications. Plus, they beat competing handguards on price by a huge margin.

ALG Defense Triggers For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Triggers are another area where ALG products shine. Their QMS and ACT (Advanced Combat Trigger) triggers for the AR15 are designed to be compatible with US Military requirements for triggers while greatly improving upon a stock mil-spec trigger pull in terms of quality. Pull weights remain around 5.5lbs, but the nasty, gritty feeling associated with cheap stock triggers is totally gone. In its place is a nice, smooth, consistent trigger one could easily use for target shooting. For the AK, they make the AK Trigger Enhanced and AK Trigger Ultimate with Lightning Bow. These single stage triggers will turn that plebian AK into something you can really be proud to hand to your friends to shoot.

ALG Defense Go-Juice

ALG Go-Juice burst onto the market in a blaze of purple glory and hasn't slowed down. Offered in 4-ounce bottles, there's Go-Juice Lubricant and Go-Juice 0000 Very Thin Grease. The Go-Juice Lubricant is bio-based, non-toxic, and non-gumming, making it perfect for concealed carry firearms where the oil might cause problems if it came in contact with skin. Go-Juice 0000 Very Thin Grease stays where it's applied, doesn't gun up, provides rust resistance, and is extremely lubricative, meaning it'll keep your gun running longer than ever. Like Go-Juice Lubricant, it's perfect for concealed carry firearms.

ALG Defense 6-Second Glock Optic Mount

Fixing a problem that a counter terrorism team had, the ALG 6-Second mount for RMR or Aimpoint moves the optic off the slide of the pistol. This has the benefit of prolonging optic life - being attached to a pistol slide can cause premature optic failure - while also keeping the optic from moving out of your line of sight during recoil. It's called a "6-Second Mount" because the team requesting the mount said their engagements were over in 6 seconds or less - one side or the other being dead. This mount contributes to the right side staying alive.



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