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Aimpoint red dot sights for sale on Omaha Outdoors are perfect for hunting, duty, tactical, competition, or self-defense use on a wide variety of firearms. Whether you're a cop looking for a tough and reliable optic that can be left on while in a rifle rack or in the trunk of a patrol vehicle, a homeowner needing to simplify the actions you'd take before responding to an armed home invasion, or a competition shooter needing an edge, Aimpoint makes the right optic for you.

Which Aimpoint is Right for Me?

It's easy to get confused when looking at all the Aimpoint options and model numbers. There are some simple guidelines you can follow, though, to ensure you don't buy the wrong optic for your needs. For example, if you're in the military or law enforcement and need a duty optic, you'll probably want to look at something with an M (Military) or a T (Tactical) in the model number – or the appropriately-named Aimpoint PRO. If you're a civilian who doesn't plan on pairing your Aimpoint with night vision or exiting a lockout chamber on a submarine with your rifle before silently storming a beach to take out North Korean nuclear missile sites, you're safe sticking with Aimpoints that have H (Hunting) in the model number, or the new Aimpoint ACO.

For example, the Micro T-2 (Tactical / Night Vision compatible) would be a good choice for a patrol rifle where weight savings is of paramount consideration, the ACO would work well on a home defense carbine or for a fun/plinking rifle, and the Micro H-1 (Hunting / will not work with night vision) would be ideal on a hunting shotgun or a 22 LR semi auto pistol used for fun. Some Aimpoints, like the PRO, come with a standard mount, making the buying and installation process even easier.

That Age-Old Question: 2 MOA or 4 MOA?

We weren't around for the battle of Thermopylae, but we're pretty sure the reason the Persians took such heavy casualties is that their archers were too busy arguing over whether or not to mount 2MOA or 4MOA sights on their bows that they couldn't fight as a cohesive unit. It's a decision that some people agonize over, but we have a simple solution: just pick one.

Yes, the 2 MOA dot of some Aimpoints lends itself well to more precise shooting at distance, but you can also just turn down the intensity of a 4 MOA dot to give you a reticle that appears to cover less of the target, and conversely you can turn up the 2 MOA intensity to make it seem bigger. In bright sunlight at max intensity on a washed out or lighter colored background, you might find the 4 MOA dot easier to find, but the 2 MOA dot is also just fine and it's way more important to train with whichever reticle size you choose. And for heaven's sake, stop arguing and just pick one. It really doesn't matter.

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