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Agency Arms Glock pistols for sale at Omaha Outdoors use factory internal parts like the connector or trigger spring for maximum reliability, but everything else is customized to the hilt, leaving you with a stone cold reliable handgun that also benefits from stone cold killer looks and shooting feel. Machined in the USA with high attention to detail, you'd be hard pressed to find more impressive machine work on a pistol.

Agency Arms Slide Cuts, Pistols, and Project NOC

Agency Arms gives you plenty of options for custom Glock work. Their distinctive and functional slide cuts come in three flavors: Urban, Hybrid, and Field. Primarily, these three differ in the number of windows machined into the slide. The windows serve to reduce weight which can provide benefits such as reduced muzzle rise when tuned with the right ammunition and springs. They also look awesome, especially when you're also using one of the Agency Arms TiN barrels.

For those who want to show off the barrel from every angle, the Urban Combat has a window on each side and one on the top. The Urban slide cut is best balanced without a Trijicon RMR or other mini red dot due to the amount of weight reduction at the front. The Hybrid Special has a single top window like a Glock 34 or 35 and provides the best weight balance of the three options when an RMR has been installed. Finally, there's the Field Battle, with no windows, for those who want the ultimate in reliability and a reduced chance of malfunctions from foreign objects blocking proper motion of the slide, however slight those chances might be. All three have removable plates which allow for the mounting of an RMR at no extra charge.

Agency Arms complete pistols feature one of those three slide options along with significant and thoughtful modifications to the bottom half of the pistol. Stippling to increase grip when hands are weak, sweaty, or bloody has been extended to most of the surfaces on the frame, while undercuts allow for a higher grip and the Agency Accelerator Cut increases your ability to put downward pressure on the pistol so as to reduce muzzle rise.

Last but certainly not least, the Project NOC is in a class of its own. With a compensator threading onto the barrel and a sight tracking feature that puts the front sight on a rib attached to the barrel instead of the slide, your eyes are able to track the front sight much easier during recoil, allowing for increased accuracy and precision for follow up shots. Built as a Glock 19 sized pistol, the compensator increases length to that of a Glock 17, but with reduced recoil and increased accuracy compared to a stock G17. The comp is available in DLC or TiN and the NOC itself uses Glock internals with Agency Arms' trigger. Needless to say, it's a limited production model you won't see very often.

Agency Arms Classified Rifle: Light, Adjustable, Accurate

The Classified rifle from Agency Arms features many of the cutting edge developments in AR design and manufacture combined into one rifle. To save weight and maximize reliability, the Agency Arms Classified rifle utilizes the proven direct impingement system of operation. It uses the Dear Air flash hider or the Dead Air Pyro enhanced muzzle brake, though the latter isn't available on the Standard model.

Keeping with the Classified theme are the Bootleg rail and adjustable bolt carrier with suppressed and unsuppressed modes. Rounding out the list of excellent parts on the rifle are an ALG trigger, Radian Raptor charging handle, fully ambidextrous lower with flared magwell, and PWS Mod 2 buffer tube with ratchet lock castle nut.

Agency Arms Magwells, Triggers, and Barrels

Last but certainly not least are the magwells, triggers, and barrels made and sold by Agency Arms. Their magwells are available in black and gray and designed for the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks, but of course they could be cerakoted to match any other color. The Agency Glock flat-faced trigger is engineered for minimal pre-travel and a crisp break followed by audible trigger reset. Most Agency Glock triggers come with a polished factory Glock minus connector, while the Glock 42 and Glock 43 triggers come with Ghost connectors.

Agency match drop-in barrels are as functional as they are beautiful. Available in TiN (Titanium Nitride) as well as DLC (Diamond Like Coating) and Stainless, you'll have the ability to match the color of your frame and slide to the barrel, or make it stand out in the slide cut windows if you opted for them. TiN gives a glowing gold appearance, DLC is a deep black, and Stainless is of course silver in color. Designed to fit the 9mm Glock 17 and Glock 19, they feature 1/10 twist rifling and 416R barrel steel - if you weren't aware, Crucible 416R is specifically designed as a barrel steel. Agency Arms Glock barrels are available in three levels from basic Level 1 to the ultimate Level 3 with octagonal fluting and a polished crown.

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