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You probably know the name Adams Arms as a longtime manufacturer of gas piston / op-rod conversions and piston uppers for the AR platform. If you're looking for Adams Arms parts for sale, have no worries, Omaha Outdoors is the place to start. We have their AR15 uppers, including left-handed rifle piston conversion kits - not something you see every day at the gun store. Their piston uppers, having gone through many iterations since initially released, feature a modern take on the AR with a 4150 CMV barrel that has been finished with the QPQ Melonite or Black Nitride process for extreme wear and corrosion resistance without the dimensional inconsistencies of hard chrome linings. They also have one-piece bolt carriers - no separate key to become dislodged with repeated impacts - that include an integral piston / op-rod strike face. Their AR-15 rifles and lowers represent one of the best values in the piston AR market and their continued existence in the face of plenty of competition is proof of this value. If you want to start small with Adams Arms parts, check out their selection of Voodoo barrels. Made for high volume shooting with the AR series of rifles, VooDoo barrels are available in lengths from 7.5" to 18" and in calibers including 5.56 NATO and 5.45x39, with lightweight profiles available for those who want to save weight.

They're not just a piston gun manufacturer, though, or even an AR piston conversion kit manufacturer. Having seen that Glock customization is the new AR customization, their VDI Glock threaded barrel and VDI Glock stripped slide are an excellent way to dip your toes in the custom pistol pool. Available with and without slide cuts for popular micro red dot sights (MRDS) including the Trijicon RMR / RMR 2, Leupold DeltaPoint, Burris FastFire / Venom, Vortex Razor, and the new EOTech MRDS, go for the VDI Enforcer slide for the Glock 19 and Glock 17 if you want to attach an MRDS or the VDI Brawler slide for no MRDS cut. Either way, you get a profiled and lightened slide along with more effective cocking serrations and cuts meant to not only allow you to get a grip but to draw your eye to the front sight. Speaking of sights, with assembled slides, you'll get black suppressor-height sights with the Brawler or XS Sights with the Enforcer. Stripped slides are also available with no sights or internals. They're compatible with all stock Glock internals and barrels and sights as well as the VDI Glock line of barrels for match performance at a stock replacement price.



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