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Accu-Tac firearm accessories at Omaha Outdoors are made for the serious rifle shooter. They aren't messing around with low cost products made in dimly lit foreign factories where quality varies depending on which shift is working the machines. No, they're designed and machined in America by shooters who know what might be at stake with every shot - a trophy in competition, a trophy animal, or a human life.

Accu-Tac's first products were their precision bipods, now available in many different configurations. All are precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum alloys and feature the ability to be canted left and right for uneven terrain, the ability to lock into five different positions both forward and backward - even independently of one another - and spring-loaded legs with a single button push to retract them into the shortest position. The smallest of their bipods is the BR-4 with about an inch and a half of height adjustment. It's meant for smaller tactical and precision rifles. There's a QD version if you need to pull it off quickly for storage. At the top of the scale is the FC-10 QD, meant for F-Class target competition. Weighing in at 32.8 ounces, you won't want to pack this through the woods, but if you need a stable shooting platform for the most intensely precise shooting competitions imaginable, this is just the ticket. In the middle is the LR-10 for larger semi auto and bolt action rifles that don't need the bulk or size of the FC-10. It has five adjustment positions between 7 and 11.5 inches in height, and like all Accu-Tac bipods it's possible to easily lock the legs in different positions as the situation demands.

Not to be forgotten are Accu-Tac scope rings. With built-in bubble levels to let you know your reticle isn't crooked for that half-mile shot, preventing the bullet from landing several feet away from your intended target, they offer extremely robust construction and the ability to clear a 56mm objective over a flat top Picatinny rifle. They're offered in 30mm and 34mm flavors and weigh just 6 ounces.



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