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Snap caps have been around for a long time, and A-Zoom snap caps are among the very best. These products are often misunderstood, but play a vital role in proper and safe firearms training. Before your next range trip, grab a factory sealed pack of snap caps in sizes from 22LR rimfire to 12-gauge shotgun and everything in between. Why would you use snap caps? Well, if you want to practice clearing malfunctions, randomly slip a few snap caps into the next set of 9mm or 45 ACP loaded mags you shoot at the range - you'll quickly see if your malfunction clearing skills are as hot as you think they are. This practice is in fact required by the police handgun training standards (sometimes these standards refer to them as dummy rounds) in many states, and you should definitely be able to meet and exceed the particular training standards of your states in terms of speed, accuracy, and proficiency if you carry a concealed weapon. If concealed carry isn't your thing, you might still have a need for snap caps. Everyone who shoots can benefit from dry fire, and snap caps can safely absorb thousands of firing pin hits for those concerned about wearing vital components from excessive practice. Even rimfire shooters can benefit. Use the metal action proving dummy rounds to ensure your weapon cycles properly, but they're not meant for dry fire. For that purpose, pick up a pack of the disposable polymer 22LR rimfire snap caps. We recommend their use with all rimfire weapons to avoid damaging the firing pin. Purchase more online gun accessories from Omaha Outdoors today and receive $9.95 flat rate shipping.



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