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Finding all of the tactical gear you need can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are hoping to buy it from a physical storefront. This has drawn many tactical shooters to look online for their gear, but if you want to purchase from specific brands it can still be difficult. 5.11 Tactical makes some of the best gear around for those looking to stay prepared. At Omaha Outdoors, you can find all variety of their goods in stock all in the same convenient storefront you can purchase your other outdoor gear.

Striving to be the absolute best online destination to find 5.11 Tactical gear, Omaha Outdoors makes it our business to ensure you can find everything you need. Browse through our wide selection of gear. If you don't see what you need, feel free to contact us directly and see how we can help.

About 5.11 Tactical

Founded in 2003 in Modesto, California, 5.11 Tactical began when mountain climber Royal Robbins was looking to create a clothing line for the outdoors enthusiasts. Now, they are in the business of making sure the modern warrior has all of the equipment he needs to be effective. Currently headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, they produce all types of apparel from pants and shirts to footwear, backpacks, holsters, knives, and more. If you are looking to get the best tactical gear, they are sure to deliver in spades.

5.11 Tactical Apparel

If you have been looking to buy 5.11 cotton tactical pants online but are hoping to find a better deal, you may have stumbled across the right place. At Omaha Outdoors, we don't only carry a wide variety of tactical pants, but you can typically find it for less than retail. This helps ensure you get the absolute best deal on all of your tactical equipment.

5.11 Tactical is known for providing some of the best tactical pants on the market today, with a variety of options to fit your specific needs. Many of these options come with a double thick knee and seat and are ready to accept knee pads for added comfort in a tactical situation. With a variety of sizes and colors, they are built to ensure that every individual is able to get the right pants. Whether for duty use or to prepare for your own tactical training, they give you plenty of pockets and a durable construction that you can count on.

For those who are in need of a tactical vest, Omaha Outdoors also carries an array of those. This includes tactical combat vests that are MOLLE compatible as well as those that feature armor plate holders. They also offer lighter weight, all-purpose tactical vests for many situations to ensure that you can always carry the gear you need. If you just need something for fishing or hunting, they also have a great variety to offer in that category.

Among the other apparel that you might need for your tactical preparedness is a good 5.11 Tactical hoodie. Like all of their tactical gear, these hoodies features a durable construction that is meant to last through the most rigorous of uses. They also make a variety of great jackets and sweaters that are built to both provide warmth and also to ensure that you have extra pockets to perform in tactical situations. With comfortable designs, they allow for maximum movement and make a great addition to anyone who lives in a cold environment.

5.11 Tactical Footwear

One of the most notable things that 5.11 offers over many competitors is a wide selection of different shoes designed to fit all of your tactical needs. From waterproof combat boots to a good pair of tactical shoes, you can fill just about all of your footwear needs with 5.11. When you are looking for your next pair of shoes, see if you can find what you need here at Omaha Outdoors.

5.11 Tactical Bags & Packs For Sale

Omaha Outdoors also offers 5.11 Tactical backpacks for sale. Many of these backpacks are compatible with hydration packs and offer ample storage in a minimalistic package. Like all of their tactical gear, these backpacks were intended to carry a big load without causing unnecessary bulk. Since many customers are looking for a range bag or equipment bag, they also offer a great variety in those categories as well. Whether you are looking for a bugout bag when the need arises or a better way to carry your tactical gear, these bags have got you covered.

5.11 Tactical Accessories

Of course, the little things are really what make the biggest difference when you are out in the field. When it comes to finding everything you need in accessories, we try to make your life a little bit easier. From flashlights to knives, we carry all variety of 5.11 Tactical gear. This ensures you can get more than just the basic essentials, but also find every little thing you need. Perhaps you need a good pair of gloves for your next tactical assignment, or a watch that will keep up with you in the field. Or, maybe you just need a new pair of shooting glasses. Whatever it is, you can find it here.

Since Omaha Outdoors is an authorized dealer for 5.11 Tactical, we ensure you can find exactly what you need in stock. With prices that consistently fall below MSRP and the convenience of shopping online, this saves you both time and money. What you use that time and money for it up to you, but a good trip to the range is always one of our favorites.

If you need help finding any tactical gear, please contact us directly so we can get you what you need. After all, we wouldn't be living up to our end of the deal if we didn't do everything we could to offer you the absolute best service available online.

5.11 Tactical For Sale

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