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ZEV Technologies Glock Triggers & Components For Sale

Do you find that you are struggling to get consistent accuracy with your Glock? Are you looking for a way to improve your consistency to ensure you can confidently hit your target when it counts? With a variety of different companies out there, ZEV Technologies really sticks out as a performer and offers a variety of great parts to ensure you get exactly what you need. Though ZEV Technologies started with a focus on the competitive shooting market, they have realized that there are many other shooters out there looking for customized solutions. Accordingly, they now work with a variety of different Glock models and offer various upgrades to help ensure you get the right fit for your needs. Among those components, you might be interested in picking up some of their trigger components.

About ZEV Tech Trigger

Like any trigger upgrade, ZEV Tech’s trigger kit looks to improve the smooth functioning of your trigger and allow for better performance all-around. After installing, you will notice some key differences in the way your trigger feels. To begin, the trigger face is flatter than stock and the trigger safety is 3 times wider, which allows for better finger placement. Using a proprietary trigger bar improvement, the trigger also operates more smoothly throughout the length of pull. The reset is also improved, which helps ensure your follow-up shots can be fired more smoothly and with greater accuracy. Next, the trigger weight can be lowered to as little as 3 lbs., which provides greater accuracy from the weapon. Finally, the pre-travel and over-travel can be user adjusted to provide a shorter and crisper pull.

Fulcrum Trigger Kit Or Professional Fulcrum?

The easiest way to upgrade your Glock trigger is to look at one of ZEV’s convenient upgrade kits. Their most popular options are the Fulcrum Trigger Drop-In Kit and their Professional Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kit. Of course, it is important that you consider your application before you select which kit to use as the former is meant for competitive use only while the latter is intended for use by shooting professionals who might encounter life or death situations. Knowing this, those who are interested in target shooting or in winning a competition should go with the basic Fulcrum drop-in kit rather than the professional kit. The primary differences between this competition kit and the Ultimate Kit is a Skeletonized Firing Pin, which provides a lighter construction and offers more positive primer ignition.

Other ZEV Trigger Components

In addition to their trigger kits, ZEV Technologies also produces some separate trigger components that you can use in your pistol to get the absolute best performance. Their ZEV Race Connector can be purchased and used in conjunction with their Competition Spring Kit to provide a super-crisp trigger pull resting at 2 lbs. and is an excellent choice for competitive shooters. Additionally, they offer an aftermarket Ejector Housing with overtravel stop, which will help ensure your weapon always cycles smoothly. This component can be used by both professionals and competitive shooters with great results. If you use a small-frame Glock, you might also want to check out the Standard Trigger Bar Kit, which replaces the factory parts and provides a smoother performance in the field. Regardless of what your objectives might be, ZEV now develops something for everyone. If you want to get the most out of your Glock pistol, you should definitely consider one of these trigger kits or other components to get you along the way. At Omaha Outdoors, we make shopping for these components as easy as possible by presenting them all to your right here from the convenience of your own home. Simply place your order below, or give us a call if you have any questions. We look forward to delivering your new trigger kit and helping you get the most out of your Glock.

ZEV Tech Triggers For Sale


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