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ZEV Tech Skeletonized Strikers For Sale

Do you want to further improve your Glock’s accuracy and give yourself the most consistent spreads with your favorite pistol? Are you looking for a way to lower the trigger pull and help improve your control over the weapon while you use it? Whether for competition or self-defense purposes, making some aftermarket adjustments to your gun can be one of the best way to unlock its full potential. Among the companies that offer these parts, ZEV Technologies definitely stands out. Originally built by and for competition shooters, ZEV Tech understands how much those little adjustments can affect your accuracy. This is why they create so many different parts for the Glock that can help improve its accuracy and increase your performance. Today, they create solutions for both competitive shooters and those who rely on their weapons for life and death situations. Whichever category you fall into, you can be sure one of these strikers will help do the trick.

Why Replace Your Factory Striker?

Though certain parts might be more obvious than others, like a barrel or trigger, there are plenty of little components on your pistol that can make a big difference on your consistent accuracy. Among those parts, the striker can actually be extremely important. Though Glock’s factory striker might be reliable, one of the ZEV skeletonized strikers will help ensure virtually 100% success, avoiding those pesky light primer strikes you might encounter on hard primers. Furthermore, the reduced weight allows the striker to work with the trigger, reducing bounce and vibration and ensuring the smoothest pull available. Overall, this not only makes the trigger feel lighter, but it helps improve your control over the weapon as you use it.

ZEV Technologies Strikers

Since there is really only one outcome that you are looking for when replacing your striker, ZEV produces just 2 different options, which are intended to be used with your different size Glocks. The large striker will work with either your .45 ACP or 10mm pistol while the small striker will allow you to upgrade your 9mm, .40 S&W, or .357 SIG. Both of them are micro ground and polished on all engagement surfaces, ensuring a smooth performance. CNC machined from solid billet stainless steel, they provide a durable construction. The skeletonized design provides that lighter trigger pull you are looking for while the extended tip ensures consistent primer hits. Since it was designed specifically to work with other ZEV components, you will find that it provides even more noticeable results when paired with a ZEV trigger and ZEV springs.

Pick ZEV Tech Strikers From Omaha Outdoors

Rather than go to your local store and hope that they have the ZEV parts you need in stock, today you can simply use the resources available right here at Omaha Outdoors. Simply select the striker you need and while you’re at it you can pick up the other parts as well, such as a new trigger, magazine release, and more. If you have any questions about ZEV parts or how they might enhance your experience, please feel free to pick up the phone and call us directly. We look forward to helping you improve your accuracy and shipping the parts that you need.

ZEV Tech Strikers For Sale


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