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ZEV Tech Slides & Components For Sale

Whether you are looking to compete or hoping to improve your self-defense performance, upgrading your pistol with precision parts can be a great option to consider. Unfortunately, many companies are quite expensive and building a custom pistol that will really perform could easily cost two, three, or even four times more expensive than just purchasing the weapon on its own. Furthermore, one of the main reasons you purchased a Glock was for its reliability and toughness, and many of these more expensive upgrades scrap so many parts that it is hard to tell what they leave behind and whether it is as reliable. Fortunately, there are more affordable alternatives that actually work with your pistol and that alternative starts with ZEV Technologies. Designed by competitive shooters to provide budget-conscious individuals a way to improve their weapon without blowing their ammo money, ZEV offers a wide variety of upgrades that you can install yourself. Rather than sending the weapon off and waiting for expensive upgrades, you can order these parts and do the work yourself. This way, you aren’t spending so much more than you already invested in the weapon, making it easier to justify the upgrades. At Omaha Outdoors, we carry all variety of these parts, including the slides and other components you will need.

ZEV Tech Upper Parts and Kits

ZEV produces a variety of different kits to get you started with one of their slides, making it easier to switch over from your stock model. Their upper parts kit is available in 9mm or .40 S&W models and includes ZEV’s stainless steel firing pin safety and firing pin, FPS spring, & 2 lb. striker, as well as the factory parts you need to fill in the rest. Alternatively, the ZEV Ultimate Trigger parts kit is to be used with its Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kit and includes the factory parts you need to successfully install. Beyond these parts kits, you might also want to pick up a reducing ring for your new guide rod, which you will need if you use a 4th generation Glock. If you decide to use a guide rod other than ZEV’s, you will also want to grab a recoil spring retaining washer, which will keep the spring in place. Finally, ZEV sells a firing pin safety in either stainless steel or titanium and allows you to get your weapon outfitted separately.

Selecting the Right ZEV Slide

Of course, before you pick up these parts, you might want to grab the right slide. If you use a G17, G19, or G34, you can use these ZEV slides as a drop-in replacement to your Glock factory slide. They are offered in bronze, flat dark earth, or diamond like carbon coatings and all provide custom features based on your needs. The Dragonfly is the most popular competition model and removes much of the surface materials to make the weapon lighter and improve heat dissipation from the barrel. For tactical users, the Enhanced SOCOM may be the best way to go, as it offers extra serrations and gripping surfaces, even when using gloves. With a few key cuts and moderate serrations, the Trilo is a good balance between the two, offering a great home defense slide or slide for use at the range. Finally, the regular SOCOM slide was actually designed to fit either the G34/G35 and provides a similar experience to the Enhanced version with its tactical serrations.

Red Dot Adapter Plate

After you have gotten all the parts and the right slide, you might also consider adding a red dot to your pistol. Though a good red dot can help improve your reflexive shooting speed, you will want to get the right adapter to fit your needs. For this, ZEV produces two different major designs. The plate can be easily attached on your modified ZEV slide and will provide a mounting platform with or without a dovetail design. It is precision-made from aluminum and maintains iron sight zero to ensure you can remove the red dot if you need to. At Omaha Outdoors, you have access to all of these slides and other important components to start upgrading your Glock handgun. Whether you are interested in winning a competition or just looking to keep yourself safe in the urban jungle, these upgrades are an excellent place to start. So, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call directly with any questions or simply place your order below. We look forward to sending your new parts and helping you build the most accurate pistol available today.

ZEV Tech Glock Slides For Sale


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