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ZEV Technologies Magazine Releases For Sale

Do you feel like you need to compromise your grip every time you change out your magazine? Are you looking for a more efficient way to quickly change your magazines without having to adjust your hold on your Glock? Fortunately ZEV Technologies offers a few options in magazine releases to help ensure you can get the better performance you need. At Omaha Outdoors, we give you access to these extended magazine releases and ensure you can always have the fastest switches available. ZEV Technologies is a company built by competitors for competitors, which is why they develop all of their parts with an emphasis on fast and accurate operations. Among those operations, a good magazine release can ensure immediate access to allow you to change out magazines and provide for faster switches. Whether in a competition or in the heat of battle, this magazine change can make a big difference in your success.

Gen 1-3 Mag Extended Release Buttons

CNC machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum, ZEV hard coat anodizes their generation 1-3 Glock magazine release to provide a tough and durable option. Unlike the factory magazine, they use an extended release button, which allows shooters to access it without adjusting their grip on the weapon. As a result, they can better stay on target and benefit from a quicker reload time. Furthermore, the aluminum construction allows for an easier button push, which means a simpler release process for additional speed. Since it provides a drop-in replacement for your factory mag release, you can quickly install it yourself. Options include both small and large buttons, depending on your preference and black or silver finish, which can provide a more distinct look.

Gen 4 Extended Magazine Release

If you have a generation 4 Glock instead, you will need to use one of the releases built for this model. Working with the new grip surface and other design changes that Glock implemented in this generation, ZEV offers a different approach on this mag release. Like the other one, it is still made from billet aluminum and receives a hard anodized black finish. From there, the surface is checkered to provide a no-slip tactile surface. The contact point is ergonomically angled towards the rear, which allows for easier manipulation and release of the magazine. Like the older generation replacement, it can be done in mere minutes and requires only a pair of needle nose pliers and a skinny flat-head screwdriver.

ZEV Tech CCW Mag Release

In their effort to reach more than just competition shooters, ZEV Technologies also decided to release a CCW-oriented magazine release. Like their other options, it is built to offer a simple install and will easily replace the factory release. It is made from billet aluminum and hard anodized for additional toughness. Because its construction, it requires less pressure than a standard release and thus allows for quicker releasing of your magazine and faster reloading. This release is made to standard factory length, making it ideal for concealed carry and ensuring you don’t accidentally release your magazine while carrying. Whether you are looking for your concealed carry weapon or for one of your competition pistols, remember that these magazines releases can help ensure you have quick access to swap out the magazine in a firing situation. At Omaha Outdoors, we want you to always have your best chance, which is why we carry these and all variety of other ZEV Tech products to ensure you can set up your Glock in a way that will yield the best success. Simply select the item from below or give us a call with any questions. Either way, we look forward to helping you and sending your new parts.

ZEV Tech Glock Extended Mag Release Buttons For Sale


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