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ZEV Technologies Stainless Guide Rods For Sale

The Glock’s lightweight design and polymer frame provide an excellent option for regular carry while still giving shooters a pistol that can put up with the stresses of regular use. Of course, the cost of this design is often feeling like you don’t have the accuracy you are capable of achieving. To help overcome this, you might be consider ZEV Technologies for the various parts they produce. Among those parts, you should definitely consider replacing the factory guide rod with one of these excellent options manufactured for precision performance. Coming from a company like ZEV Technologies, which was developed by and for competitive shooters, you can be sure that you are getting a top quality guide rod that will actually help improve your performance. These new guide rods are meant to complement the various other ZEV Tech upgrades you might put on your pistol and allows for simple installation in place of the factory option. So, if you want the best performance from your pistol, you should definitely consider adding these parts to the mix.

What Are the Benefits of A New Guide Rod?

The Glock factory guide rod has been criticized for many years due to its plastic construction. Not only does it have a lighter weight, which inhibits your ability to control muzzle climb and slows down follow-up shots, but it also can give out due to excessive stress. Though you likely won’t ever fire enough rounds to do so, stress testing has even led to some users melting the guide rod within their frame. Instead, a stainless steel guide rod can put up with more stress and will provide a better balance. The extra weight makes it easier to follow up shots quickly and provides you the consistent accuracy you need.

ZEV Tech Offer the Parts You Need

ZEV Technologies makes a few different guide rods to be used with your different Glock pistols. The standard frame guide rod is what many users will look for and fits most full-size model Glocks. Of course, those who use a Glock 20, 21, 40, or 41 will need to select the large frame guide rod. In addition to this, they offer compact and extended frame guide rods to fit any pistol you might have. If you use a subcompact pistol, you might pick up all the parts you need by selecting the ZEV Tech Stainless Steel Guide Rod Kit for Subcompact Frame pistols instead. In addition to the guide rods that they offer, it is important that all generation 4 Glock owners are aware that the next guide rods have additional requirements. If you wish to use one of these ZEV rods on your newer model Glock, you will want to also pick up a guide rod reducing ring. Available with a stainless steel or DLC (diamond like carbon) finish, these reducers will let you retrofit your weapon back to a single spring assembly, which you might prefer for competitive or self-defense shooting. These reducers are compatible with your G17, G22, G34, or G35 pistol. Finally, you might need to pick up a ZEV recoil spring retaining washer if you don’t work with the other necessary ZEV parts.

Pick Up Your ZEV Guide Rods at Omaha Outdoors

Since ZEV Technologies offers such great options when it comes to upgrading your Glock, it is easy to make up your mind. Of course, you might find that your local gun store doesn’t have an agreement with ZEV so it might be difficult to get exactly what you need. Rather than worry about what might be in stock locally, Omaha Outdoors offers the convenience you need to order your items online. This gives you the top quality ZEV parts you need without having to leave your own home. Simply place your order below or give us a call directly with any questions. We look forward to sending your new guide rod and any other parts you might need.

ZEV Glock Guide Rods For Sale


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