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ZEV Technologies .22 LR Glock Conversion Kits For Sale

Do you need to spend more time practicing at the range but find that you are limited on money to buy ammunition? One of the best ways developed to accomplish this is work with a conversion kit, which will allow you to shoot .22 LR from your otherwise normal pistol. Unfortunately, many of the kits on the market do not feel much like the original weapon, which can lead to poor training habits, especially where your accuracy and recoil management is concerned. Fortunately for you, ZEV has developed a conversion kit to work with the Glock platform that will provide one of the best looks and feels, especially if you already use a ZEV-upgraded pistol. This way, you can save money at the range and still get the quality practice you need. Though ZEV specializes in competition and other performance-enhancing upgrades for the Glock pistol, they also create some more specialized products. In this case, their conversion kit was designed to cut down the cost of going to a range, giving Glock owners access to the less-expensive .22 LR by converting their pistol over. Best of all, it is a drop-in conversion, which means you can train at the range with this kit and then swap out your barrel back to use your other ZEV components for competition or personal protection.

Saving Money With a ZEV Tech Conversion Kit

If you are like most shooters, the primary reason to use a conversion kit is to save some money at the range. ZEV develops all kinds of aftermarket upgrades for your pistols and though they might improve the performance they do cost you some money. By using a conversion kit as well, you can very quickly make up for that money you spent on the other improvements. This way, you can have a pistol that will be as accurate and reliable as possible while actually saving money in the long run thanks to less expensive ammunition at the range.

ZEV Conversion Kit Parts

The ZEV conversion kit features all of the essential items that you will need to start shooting less expensive .22 ammo from your favorite pistol. This includes the new guide rod and spring, barrel, ZEV slide, and magazine, along with instructions and a case to store it in. To install, you simply remove the factory components and put in the new slide with barrel and guide rod installed. With no tools and just a few seconds, you can swap between your standard pistol and a target practice model.

Pick Yours Up Online

Since this conversion kit is one of ZEV’s more specialized products, many local gun shops will not have it in stock. If you want to take advantage of this powerful and accurate conversion kit, Omaha Outdoors makes it easier to find. Our online storefront was designed to provide you access to this and many other ZEV products from the convenience of your own home, allowing you to place your order without worrying about whether the items you need are in stock. So, when you are looking to save some money at the range and still spend enough time to hone your skills shooting, remember how useful this conversion kit can be. Simply select the appropriate item from below and place your order directly. Otherwise, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call with any questions you might have. We look forward to serving you and helping you get started with your new kit.

ZEV TechConversion Kit For Sale


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