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ZEV Technologies Match Grade Drop-In Glock Barrels For Sale

If you are new to the Glock platform, you might find that you are somewhat disappointed with the accuracy of your pistol. Though it might feel alright, your groupings may not be as tight as you are used to with some more precise handguns like a 1911 or Beretta M9. Fortunately for you, ZEV Technologies has developed an entire array of different Glock parts that you can use in place of stock to help improve your accuracy and keep your groupings tight. There are a great many options out there to help upgrade your pistol and improve its accuracy but none of them stand out as more obvious than getting a new barrel. With ZEV Technologies, barrels were designed keeping competitive shooters in mind. This means that all of their barrels were designed to offer the tightest tolerances and provide for that precision accuracy you would need to take home the prize. Whether you are interested in using them for competitive purposes or simply putting them into your self-defense pistol, you can trust that they will consistently deliver that extra accuracy you need. This way, your Glock can perform more like one of those precision pistols you trust while offering the toughness that only they can provide.

Upgrading Your Glock Barrel

The barrel of your weapon has the most direct impact on the accuracy you can achieve while using it at the range or in the field. Different barrels can vary significantly and even factory-made barrels can sometimes have slightly different dimensions from gun to gun. As such, many people look to upgrade their Glock barrel to get something more precise. When you are looking to use an aftermarket barrel, there are a few key factors to consider. First, you should consider whether it will help dissipate heat better than the stock barrel as heat build-up can reduce accuracy. Next, you should consider the rifling of the barrel, as even a slightly different rifling can result in better spin and provide greater accuracy. Finally, you need to consider the weight of the barrel, as the right weight can help balance out your frame and make for more consistent performance.

ZEV Barrel Options

So far, ZEV Tech just produces barrels for Glock 17s, 19s, and 34s. This means those who shoot a 9mm can get the full benefit of this upgrade while those with a different caliber will need to check elsewhere. Of course, within their barrel selection, ZEV does ensure that users have some variety to choose from. They offer a raw stainless steel finish, black DLC (diamond like carbon) finish, or a burnt bronze finish, depending on your individual preferences and shooting requirements.

Getting the Performance You Need

Regardless of which finish you select, ZEV Technologies makes only the best match-grade barrels built to the tightest tolerances to provide the most accurate results. With drop-in compatibility, there are no tools required for installation and the dimpled surface can help improve performance and reduce heat buildup. The barrel is constructed using 416R pre-hardened chromium stainless steel that was originally designed for match-grade rifles. This is able to stand up to the chamber pressure and provide an extremely durable option to match the strength of your Glock. Finally, every barrel is precision-made and double honed to offer consistency within +/-0.0002”. When you decide it is time to upgrade your existing 9mm Glock and improve its accuracy, ZEV match-grade barrels are definitely a good place to start. By shopping here at Omaha Outdoors, you never have to worry whether or not the items are in stock. If you are unsure about whether this would be the best solution for your pistol, you can always pick up the phone and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. When you are ready to order, you can simply add the item to your cart below and proceed or you can give us a call directly if you prefer. We look forward to sending your new ZEV barrel and helping you improve your pistol’s performance.

ZEV Tech Barrels For Sale


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