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ZEV Technologies Glock Hard Case

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ZEV Technologies

Model: ZEV Glock
Finish/Color: Black DLC

Looking for a Zev Technologies SKB storage case for your favorite Glock model pistol? When it comes to transporting your pistol and its magazines, it is important that you mind how you move around. A good storage container can go a long way to protecting your handgun from abuse and ensure that it can survive for as long as you need it. With one of these SKB storage containers, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are protected from anything you might come across.

Zev Technologies chose the SKB storage case for use with their pistols because it utilizes a dust-tight and waterproof design. With its trigger release latch system and continuous hinge, which is molded into the case, it adds additional protection and durability. It also features an ambient pressure equalization valve and protects against UV, solvents, fungus, corrosion, and impact damage. Internally, this case has an insert that has been shaped to hold your Zev Glock and 2 magazines. It features a removable block that accommodates different sizes and allows for a model with a red dot to be stored. Best of all, the case is protected by the manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee, ensuring you have protection that really lasts.


So, when you need a great way to store your upgraded Glock pistol, remember that this Zev Technologies SKB storage case can do the trick right.

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