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ZEV Technologies Glock Gen 4 Titanium Pin Kit Set

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ZEV Technologies

Model: ZEV Glock

Is the Zev Technologies titanium pin kit what you need to ensure your Glock is ready for action? Do you find that disassembling your gun for cleaning can sometimes be challenging? Are you looking for parts that can help improve your performance and make this task that much easier? Do you want to work with a company that is trusted for its quality products within the shooting community? If your answer is “yes” to any of these, then you might want to order this pin kit.

Designed to be used on any Glock you find difficult to disassemble the frame for cleaning and maintenance, these pins are machined from titanium to provide the longest possible lifespan. This titanium construction means they are resistant to the elements and provides a great weight balance in the frame. They are sized for each specific location, which makes the kit fairly self-explanatory and easy to install for anyone who knows his way around a Glock. Each pin is grooved for retention, ensuring they can be put in place and will stay there.

When you want to work on your favorite Glock handgun and make sure it is ready to perform, remember to pick up one of the Zev Technologies titanium pin kits to get the job done right.


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