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ZEV Technologies Glock 17 Gen 3 Dragonfly Bronze Match Grade DLC Barrel Complete Upper Slide

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ZEV Technologies


.300 Front / Co-witness Rear

Model: G17 Gen 3
Finish/Color: Bronze

For those times when you need the absolute best performance, this Zev Technologies Dragonfly complete upper slide kit offers all the features you need. Are you looking to make sure you can compete in the toughest arenas with your favorite Glock handgun? Do you want to convert your old .40 S&W to a more manageable 9mm model? Or, do you simply want a way to make sure your full-size handgun is ready to take care of business? Whatever the case might be, this upper slide is sure to help.

Designed primarily as a match grade slide to improve your competitive performance, this kit allows you to upgrade to your current Glock 17 or G34 to create a more powerful and reliable pistol. Beyond just using this slide to create a Z17, you can also work to convert your .40 S&W into 9mm, as this comes compatible with a G22 or G35 Gen 3 frame. When it comes to features, you won’t find many better ones, as this dragonfly bronze slide uses an RMR cut and adapter plate to ensure you can install the best optics.

The barrel is a Z17 9mm, drop-in match grade model and uses a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating for the best in longevity. It comes with a stainless steel guide rod and ISMI spring, which offers exceptional balance over the factory option. The .300 tall cowitness black iron sights are great if you are just using the weapon for self-defense, while the skeletonized striker and polished firing pin safety and spring provide the smoothest operation.

If you want to get the most out of your Gen 3 Glock 17, this bronze Zev Tech Dragonfly complete upper slide is sure to provide the performance you need.


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