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ZEV Technologies Race Connector v4

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ZEV Technologies

Model: ZEV Glock

Omaha Outdoors is here to make sure your pistol performs at its best when you use this Zev Technologies race connector to improve your performance. Are you looking for ways to ensure you can compete better? Do you find that sometimes your groupings aren’t as tight as you know they could be? Ever feel that the trigger is just a bit more stubborn than you would like in the field? Designed to address all of these concerns, this race connector is just the improvement you need to begin your pistol work and get ready for your next competition.

Built specifically for competition use, the Zev Technologies race connector is designed with the end user in mind. It features a durable construction that matches or exceeds original manufacturer specifications. When used in place of the standard connector, it can help smooth out your trigger pull and reduce the required weight for a better experience. This helps keep your groupings tighter and your muzzle steady. Keep in mind, this race connector works best if you also make sure to combine it with the other Zev upgrades, including the standard spring kit.

If you are after a way to enhance your handgun and make the trigger a bit more manageable, you will find few better places to start than with a Zev Technologies race connector from Omaha Outdoors.


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