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ZEV Technologies RMR Red Dot Adapter Plate Small Frame

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ZEV Technologies


Stainless Steel

Model: ZEV Glock
Finish/Color: Black DLC

If you want to add a red dot to your favorite Glock model, this Zev Technologies RMR adapter plate is the perfect tool for the job. Are you looking to use a reflex sight on your standard carry or competition Glock to ensure you have the best accuracy? Do you only want to work with aftermarket parts that have an established reputation in the industry? Have you come to trust the Trijicon RMR to be your go-to red dot option? When this is the case, you have found yourself the perfect mount to work with.

Built to be just as tough as the pistol it is mounted on, this adapter plate is made to easily install on the top of your small frame Glock slides and provide the best option for mounting your red dot. It uses a black, diamond-like coating on the plate to provide a durable finish that can last a lifetime. Designed specifically for a Trijicon RMR, you can quickly and easily affix your favorite sight and get down to business in the field.

So, when you are looking to add a new red dot to your best Glock pistol, remember this Zev Technologies RMR adapter plate is ready to take care of business.


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