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War Sport OD Green Helmet Bungee

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Shock Cord, ITW Web Dominator, Cord Lock, Straps


War Sport Industries

Finish/Color: OD Green

When you are resting in place, you don’t have to worry about your gear coming loose, but when you have to quickly move about during a covert operation, it is imperative that your helmet have a good gear retention system in place. From comm cables to lights, IR devices, and even local foliage, there is a lot of different gear that you might need to affix to your helmet. Rather than worry about that gear coming loose, the War Sport OD Green War Bungee Cable offers an easy solution.

Made to fit any FAST Carbon Helmet, this retention system utilizes a bungee to help secure everything in place. The system weighs less than 2 ounces, so it does not add any unnecessary weight to your tactical gear. This system includes a shock cord, ITW web dominator, cord lock, and four straps for the best performance available.

Whether you use other War Sport LVOA gear or not, this War Bungee is an essential tool if you want to keep everything in order when it matters most.


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