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War Sport Camo Helmet Bungee

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Shock Cord, ITW Web Dominator, Cord Lock, Straps


War Sport Industries

Finish/Color: Camo

There is plenty to account for when you are prepping for a tactical engagement and having your helmet secure needs to be near the top of that priority list. This is why War Sport introduced the War Sport Camo War Bungee Cable. With this innovative shock chord system, users can keep all of their gear in place without worrying about a thing.

Designed for the Ops-Core® FAST Base Jump Military Helmet, this helmet retention system will still fit FAST Carbon Helmets of any size. It offers a simple way to secure any helmet accessories and gives you peace of mind while you are out in the field. Made from spun Kevlar and utilizing nylon webbing, users can adjust the system to hold whatever gear they might need for the mission on hand. With its breaking strength at 95 lbs., it should have no trouble holding everything you need.

Whether you have looked for War Sport firearms for sale before or you are just looking to find the best accessories, this bungee cable will serve you will when it counts.


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