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War Sport Black Helmet Bungee

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Shock Cord, ITW Web Dominator, Cord Lock, Straps


War Sport Industries

Finish/Color: Black

While you are in the field and you need to access your helmet gear, the last thing you want is to have a bad gear retention system. Though there are a variety of accessories that a tactical operator uses on his helmet, few systems today are designed to work right out of the box. If you need something to help ensure that your gear stays in order, then try out this War Sport War Bungee Cable.

War Sport Industries has worked since its inception to provide practical and effective tactical gear for the covert operator and this innovative system is one of the best around. Featuring a shock cord, ITW web dominator, cord lock, and four straps, it helps ensure that you can keep all of your gear securely affixed to your helmet. It includes easy installation instructions to ensure a quick installation to your helmet.

When you need a retention system that was designed for easy access to your helmet accessories, then this war bungee is the ultimate solution.


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