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War Sport LVOA Rail Bungee Cables (Pair) - FDE

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War Sport Industries

Model: LVOA
Finish/Color: FDE

When you need to enter the field and stay covert, it helps to have all of the right tools in your arsenal. Understanding this need for covert operations, War Sport designed its LVOA rifle and a variety of great accessories to help aid with your tactical operations. When you want to get the most out of your LVOA rifle, you should check out this War Sport LVOA FDE Rail Bungee Cable.

Designed to complement the rifle and offer easy installation along the rail, this bungee cable has a variety of tactical applications. Aside from its obvious survival use in case of emergency, it can also serve to help while it is run along the LVOA rail. First, it offers users a reduced noise profile, ensuring they can stay covert. Second, it provides better gripping, especially under wet working conditions. With all factors considered, it is a must have for your tactical gear.

After getting the best War Sport rifles for sale, make sure to check out this bungee cable to get your weapon ready for LVOA use.


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