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War Sport LVOA Rail Bungee Cables (Pair) - Coyote Tan

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War Sport Industries

Model: LVOA
Finish/Color: Coyote Tan

When you are using your rifle for serious tactical purposes, you want to make sure that every component is made with reliability in mind. This is why War Sport introduced their signature LVOA rifle, intended for use in low visibility operations application. Whether you use this rifle or not, you may be interested in adding the War Sport LVOA Coyote Rail Bungee Cable to your rifle for the best tactical experience. By running this bungee along your rail, users are intended to notice a variety of great benefits. First, it offers a more secure grip under wet working conditions, which can be crucial during tactical operations. Second, it lowers noise signature of the rifle, which can complement a suppressor very nicely. Finally, it is designed so that it can be removed and reused in a survival situation, giving you some extra versatility. If you use your weapon for serious tactical purposes, this bungee can make a big difference in your performance. Also check out a War Sport complete upper kit for sale to get the right rail for the job.


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