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War Sport LVOA Rail Bungee Cables (Pair) - Black

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War Sport Industries

Model: LVOA
Finish/Color: Black

Do you need your weapons to be ready for low visibility operations application (LVOA)? Do you already have the War Sport rifle and are looking for ways to make it even more useful out in the field. This War Sport LVOA Rail Bungee Cable was designed to offer shooters a variety of tactical benefits under operational situations. By adding this bungee to your rifle rail system, you will find yourself much better prepared for anything you might encounter.

Among the benefits offered by this, survivalists are happy to have a system they can remove and use in case of emergency. More directly, having the bungee attached along your rail offers a reduced noise signature, which can make a difference during tactical operations. Finally, the bungee helps to offer a more secure grip under wet conditions, allowing you to always keep a solid hold on your rifle for when the need to use it arises.

After you find your War Sport rail for sale, make sure it is ready to bring into action with this bungee cable accessory.


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