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If you want to order yourself a good Walther UZI, Omaha Outdoors is the place to shop. Firearms have long been a subject of interest for many people in America, especially within television and movies. As you are exposed to these images, you often see certain types of firearms appearing over and over again. Since you already have a love for shooting, it is natural that you might want to also check out some of these weapons for your own use. Among the different weapons you see in this capacity, the Uzi is definitely one that sticks in your mind. Of course, carrying an Uzi with you is not very practical, which is why many who buy one do it just for the joy of shooting at the range or displaying at home. Keeping this in mind, Walther recognized an opportunity. While the traditional platform is chambered in 9mm, this innovative company cut some deals and was able to release a .22 LR version of the same gun. In effect, you get the look and feel of the original, but you can spend time at the range without blowing the bank every time you go. For the modern collector or film enthusiast, this makes the Walther Uzi an excellent choice.

Built From the Original Design

The original IWI Umarex model Uzi is the one you are likely to find in movies and television, but in a partnership with Umarex, Walther took its extensive experience working on firearms and decided to make some adjustments to this platform. Overall, the gun closely mimics the original. It features a blowback operation and offers a metal receiver that feels tough enough to withstand just about anything you encounter in the real world. Its front sights are adjustable for elevation and its rear sights for windage, allowing you to get a clear shot on your target. With the traditional Uzi handguard, you will feel comfortable handling the weapon at the range. In this case, Walther actually released two versions of the Uzi. The pistol version features a 5” barrel and delivers that (relatively) compact size you commonly see in the movies. In this configuration, it features a threaded barrel to allow for a suppressor, which can really make this gun fun to shoot. The other option is a rifle-length configuration, which uses a 16” barrel to deliver round after round with accuracy. This option includes a collapsible stock, which allows you to maintain the look and feel that might be familiar. Of course, both utilize the same 6 groove rifling pattern and offer great handling in the field.

Walther’s Take on the Uzi

While the original model shoots 9mm, Walther chambered these in .22 LR for a variety of reasons. Perhaps chief among these reasons is the fact that .22 LR is much less expensive than 9mm. This means you can take a trip to the range and enjoy a day of practice without breaking the bank. In addition to this change, Walther also added an accessory rail to the mix. This rail will allow you to attach any standard accessories you might want to enhance the shooting experience. Beyond this, the gun also includes a grip safety, which promotes proper handling at the range and avoids accidental fire. Whether you choose the rifle or the pistol version, this modern interpretation of the classic submachinegun makes for a great addition to any collection.

Get Your Uzi at Omaha Outdoors

With the culture that exists in the US today, shopping for firearms can often be a real hassle. Often times, you find that your local gun dealer simply doesn’t have all the items you need, forcing you to hop from place to place looking for all of the different parts and accessories. Rather than going through this trouble, Omaha Outdoors can make your entire purchase experience much easier. Our extensive inventory allows you to find everything you need from shooting and hunting gear to basic outdoor equipment that you might need as well. Since it is all sorted for you online, you can navigate through to find it all without having to shop around town. When you know a Walther Uzi is what you are after, remember that Omaha Outdoors is your number one destination to find it. If you have any questions about this platform or want to ask about other firearms that you might be considering, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Our customer service team works tirelessly throughout the week to provide you with the individual attention you need. We look forward to sending your new items and helping to keep you stocked and ready for your next trip to the range.


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