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Walther Stainless For Sale - Buy Walther Stainless

If you are looking for a stainless finish on your Walther, Omaha Outdoors makes shopping easy and convenient. For many modern shooters, the task of finding a good handgun is easier than ever before. There are more companies utilizing advanced machining techniques than ever before. With these new techniques, it means that more individuals are able to gain access to high-quality firearms at a more affordable price. With the general quality of weapons on the rise, this leaves many shooters looking for new and innovative ways to really set themselves apart from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is to get something other than the standard weapon finish. To help shooters accomplish this, many dealers have started offering their own special coats for their customers to consider. These aftermarket finishes can provide a truly unique look and help set your weapon apart from the crowd. On the other hand, some shooters prefer a more discrete finish that comes straight from the factory. Realizing this, Walther actually offers a variety of its most popular models with a factory stainless finish to help it stand out. This way, you get the ergonomic performance you expect from something bearing the Walther name while still getting that refined look you are after.

Walther Quality Construction

There are plenty of reasons people choose to shoot with a Walther, but perhaps the most common one is the ergonomics these guns offer. While many companies focus on accuracy and reliability, it is all too common for them to overlook the importance of comfort. A gun that fits snugly in your hand will allow you to shoot more accurately by design. It will provide a longer service life, better handling, and ensure you can quickly deploy the weapon when push comes to shove. Understanding this, Walther’s main focus rests around designing guns that are as ergonomic as they are accurate. Many of the guns feature unique grip designs that have been contoured to provide this level of performance, ensuring you are always ready to respond no matter what.

Building a More Distinct Handgun

While all Walther models are built with features like this, not all of them come with a factory stainless finish. One of the most iconic models to consider with this finish is the legendary PPK. Fans of the James Bond series will instantly recognize this gun as the one he uses in most of the films and they might appreciate it for its sleek profile. In addition to this, it is offered standard with a stainless finish, giving it a more regal look. With a stainless slide option, the PPX is another popular option that comes with this look. Since it is actually a bi-tone model, it provides that beautiful contrast that can set it apart. Thanks to a .40 S&W and a 9mm option, you have some choices that allow you to further customize the experience. Another one you might consider is the Walther CCP. Available in 9mm and offering a compact size built for carry, it is definitely a popular choice online.

Looking for Something More Unique?

Keep in mind, when you shop with Omaha Outdoors you are not limited to just the factory finish options. Instead, you might decide that you want your CCP to receive some special attention so that the frame matches the slide. Thanks to our in-house finish options using cerakotes, we can help. Our expert technicians can apply a stainless finish to any of your favorite Walther models by request. If you prefer, you can even ask about some of our other popular colors.

Shopping for Walther Gear at Omaha Outdoors

Beyond just picking up your new stainless steel firearm, you might want to take your time when you stop by Omaha Outdoors and check out the other items we have available. As a full service shooting and outdoor retailer, we keep a large inventory of items in stock to serve our customers. This inventory is constantly growing, so if you have a specific item you are looking for, you can utilize our search feature to navigate directly to it. While you are here, make sure to pick up some extra magazines and ammunition to ensure your new gun is really ready for action. Ultimately, a stainless steel Walther handgun can be a great addition to your collection. If you have any questions about which model might best fit your needs or you are unsure about how to place your order online, just pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Our friendly and knowledgeable service reps are here to make sure your shopping experience is pain-free. Once you are ready, just select the items you need below and place your order. We look forward to sending out your new handgun and hope you always stay right on target.


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