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When you are looking for the Walther PPX, make sure to stop by Omaha Outdoors for the best service online. Of all the different firearms you might have in your collection, none are as important as a duty weapon. This weapon is the one you will have by your side for most of the day. It is the gun that you will use to defend yourself from harm when a violent offender wishes it upon you, the gun you will use to deter criminals from violent action, and the one you will use to watch your partner as you go about your daily routine. For this reason, it is important that you take enough time to carefully consider all the features you need before purchasing just any weapon. Since the market is permeated with seemingly viable options, you must take the time to consider all of the benefits of certain weapons. At the end of the day, you want a gun that is accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use. When it comes to a snap-judgment decision and you need that gun at the ready, you want a pistol that you can shoot without thinking twice or hesitating. Offering an ergonomic platform that was built with the professional shooter in mind, the Walther PPX may be just the gun you are looking for.

Shoot the Innovative Walther PPX

From stem to stern, the innovative Walther PPX is intended to make shooting as simple as possible for the modern officer. It starts off with the signature, ergonomic Walther grips, which provide a non-slip cross-directional grip surface for enhanced control and all-day comfort. The magazine release is ambidextrous, offering a convenient thumb location that makes it part of the natural movement, leaving you to focus on the target when you need to swap it out. The ambidextrous slide stop is made for gloved operation, further ensuring the gun’s effectiveness as a tactical tool. Moving to the front of the frame, you can enjoy an integral picatinny rail, which makes it easy to mount your favorite flashlight or laser in place. The slide features front and rear serrations, ensuring you can always keep the weapon loaded and ready for action. Up top, it offers 3-dot polymer sights, which feature a low-profile design to avoid snag. Its rear sights are even windage adjustable, which means you should have no problem staying on target no matter where you are.

Looking at Detailed Specifications

Taking a closer look at the platform, you have a few key options to consider. The first option is the caliber you use. Available in either 9mm or .40 S&W, this can affect the other options. Both standard pistols come with a 4” barrel and are available with a tenifer black finish or a bi-tone finish with a stainless slide. Both also feature a 6.5 pound trigger pull, which is smooth and consistent to ensure accuracy with every shot. Overall, both also measure 7.3” long, 5.6” tall, and 1.3” wide. Their weights vary between 27 and 27.5 ounces. Naturally, the first difference between the two is the magazine capacity, with the 9mm offering a standard 16-round mag and the .40 being limited to a 14-round option. Beyond this, the 9mm is also available with a threaded barrel. This brings the overall barrel length to 4.6” and increases the overall length accordingly to 7.9”. If you want a specific muzzle device, this is the way to go.

Setting Yourself Apart from the Crowd

While a new PPX might work perfectly for what you need, perhaps you are hesitant to purchase just because you were hoping for something more unique. Fortunately for you, we can help. One of our certified cerakote technicians can apply a unique finish to your new purchase and provide your gun with a distinct look while also enhancing its resilience. This service is available in a great many colors, but so far our customers have gravitated towards options like: Tiffany Blue, Pink, OD Green, FDE (Flat Dark Earth), Burnt Bronze, Patriot Brown, or Tan. Keep in mind, you are not limited by the current colors and can even request custom designs if you like. Perhaps you decide you want the slide in one color and the frame in another. Whatever you decide, the gun ships out with a 12-month workmanship warranty, protecting from defects in the finish. Since Omaha Outdoors was meant to be a full service shooting and outdoor retailer, we make shopping online easy and convenient. Our storefront offers helpful features that allow you to sort through related items and order just what you need. If you have any questions about what those items might be or whether the Walther PPX is really the right gun for you, go ahead and call us directly. Our staff is eager to help you find the right firearm. We look forward to sending your items right away and wish you all of the best with your new purchase.


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