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For those shooters who want outstanding performance, consider checking out the Walther PPS to keep you on target. If you live in the United States today and you own a gun, you likely understand that now more than ever it is important to protect your constitutional right to carry and defend yourself from harm. In some areas, that right can be exercised openly and you might opt to carry a full-size or compact handgun to get the largest magazine capacity. In other cases, you might need or want to carry concealed. Whether it is local laws that cause you to choose one over the other or just tactical choices, either option allows you to protect yourself throughout the day. If you do opt for concealed carry, it is important that you consider just how concealable the gun you want to use really is. A good carry weapon needs to stay flat against the body, offering little to no chance of imprinting as you go about your business. It should also be lightweight, small enough to easily conceal, and should provide an ergonomic platform that makes it easy to draw and fire under pressure. Among the different concealed carry weapons out there, the Walther PPS definitely makes a strong case as it fits all of these requirements just right.

Check Out the Standard PPS

Built for the modern warrior, the Walther PPS took some deviations from the normal designs this company uses. The first deviation is in the grip, which features a flatter form and offers interchangeable backstraps to help you find the right fit. The next change is the magazine options, which offers you 6, 7, or 8-round capacities if you use the 9mm and 5, 6, or 7-round capacities for the .40 S&W model. Powered by a 3.2” barrel in this durable, subcompact frame, you should have no trouble getting these rounds to hit their target. This is further supported by a smooth and consistent 6.1 pound trigger, which features an integrated trigger safety shoe for point and shoot accuracy. Moving along the weapon, another feature you should consider is the integral Weaver-style rail, which allows you to attach a standard light or laser. Its ambidextrous magazine release uses a paddle-style design, which is another deviation from the norm for Walther. Like most of the slide stops, this model uses an extended option to allow for gloved operation. Topped off with 3-dot metal sights, shooting this gun should be easy enough for the trained shooter in need of a self-defense weapon.

The Walther PPS M2

While the M2 designation might suggest to some that there are only minor performance upgrades, this version of the Walther PPS actually has some significant changes. To start with, the paddle-style magazine release is replaced with a traditional release. This features a convenient thumb location and should be easy enough for most experienced shooters. Next, and perhaps most substantial, the grips are replaced with more traditional Walther grips. These are ergonomically designed and feature that contoured shape you expect from anything with the Walther name. Thanks to the cross-directional, non-slip surface, you should have no problem finding a comfortable grip. On the front, the gun actually does away with the accessory rail, as many shooters didn’t see the use for it on such a small gun. On the other hand, it adds front cocking serrations, which make it easier to cock while under pressure. Looking deeper at the weapon, there are also some technical changes. The barrel measures a slightly shorter 3.18” long, and the weight with an empty mag is 21.1 ounces. It still uses the same 6.1 pound trigger pull for consistent accuracy every time.

Looking for a More Unique Pistol?

Are you sure the PPS is the right gun for your purposes but aren’t sure you really want just another standard black firearm? Omaha Outdoors understands that you might want to stand out from the crowd on occasion, which is why we offer a unique cerakoting service. Our in-house technicians apply a cerakote to your favorite handgun in any color you might want. Right now, many of our customers seem to gravitate to colors like: OD Green, Burnt Bronze, Spartan Bronze, Tiffany Blue, Pink, and Flat Dark Earth (FDE), but you can choose any color that fits you. If you like, you can even mix and match the slide and frame for a unique contrast. Regardless of what you decide on, the weapon is function tested once it is done and then ships out with our 12-month workmanship warranty, effectively protecting it from any defect on our end. When it comes time to order your new Walther PPS, hopefully you keep Omaha Outdoors in the front of your mind. Beyond carrying this versatile pistol, we also offer a wide assortment of the various shooting and outdoor products you will need to ensure you keep yourself ready for anything. If you have questions about anything you see here or you just want some input on whether the PPS is the right handgun for you, go ahead and give us a call directly. Otherwise, place your order below with confidence and we will take care of the rest. Thank you for shopping with Omaha Outdoors and enjoy your new pistol.


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