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Designed for your comfort, the Walther PPQ from Omaha Outdoors may be just the gun you need to improve your shooting performance. In today’s growing shooting environment, having a quality handgun on hand is more important than ever. Whether it is to keep around the home to protect from intruders, to carry at your hip as you go through the urban jungle, or to equip yourself for tactical assignments, the right sidearm makes a big difference. With the amount of manufacturers vying for your attention, it can be more difficult than ever to really decide which one is the right one to go with. For many decades, Walther has been the go-to choice for professional shooters around the world. Each of their weapons is designed with ergonomics in mind and built to service the average shooter with the comfort and accuracy he needs. When push comes to shove and you need to defend yourself, these are the features that come in the most handy and ultimately what makes the difference between life and death. Among their different models, the PPQ is an excellent way to keep yourself ready for action. With Omaha Outdoors you can find your new model without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Try Out the PPQ M2

Built for self-defense right out of the box, the PPQ M2 features a host of helpful construction techniques that make it stand out from the crowd. The gun starts at the ergonomic Walther grips, offering that familiar non-slip surface that provides all-day comfort. This time, they add in three interchangeable backstraps, allowing you to get a custom grip size to fit your needs. The circular magazine release is fully ambidextrous, inviting all shooters to wield this gun in the field. The slide stop is also ambidextrous and features an extended construction for gloved operations. Meanwhile, front and rear cocking serrations make it easy to operate the gun under pressure. For accuracy, the gun is equipped with 3-dot polymer sights, making it easy to get a clear picture of your target. The custom accessory rail follows a picatinny style, allowing you to mount standard flashlights and lasers with ease. Using the special Quick Defense Trigger, you can enjoy a consistent 5.6 pound pull every time. With a built-in safety, you can enjoy point and shoot accuracy any time you draw the weapon from its holster. Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP, it offers plenty of ways to keep yourself focused on the target.

Enjoy the PPQ Classic

Though it went out of production after the release of the M2, the PPQ Classic was brought back due to popular demand from customers. In many ways, this gun is quite similar to the M2 version, but the main difference rests in the paddle-style magazine release. It still offers all of the other features, but some operators found this unconventional magazine release to be preferable to the newer model, bringing it back into circulation. Other than this, the gun is only available in 9mm and offers a 15-round magazine capacity. It uses a 4” barrel, measures 7.1” long overall, 5.3” tall, and 1.3” wide. With an empty magazine, it weighs 24.5 ounces. These dimensions are identical to the M2 version. On the other hand, the Walther PPQ M2 .40 S&W uses a standard 4.2” barrel and offers an 11-round magazine. It measures 7.2” overall, 5.3” tall, and 1.3” wide. Alternatively, the .45 ACP model uses a 4.25” barrel, measures 7.4” long, 5.8” tall, 1.3” wide, and uses a 12-round magazine. Keep in mind, the M2 version also offers some extended 5” barrel options for the .40 S&W and 9mm.

Keep Things Light with the PPQ 22

As another option, you might consider the PPQ 22. Chambered in .22 LR, this uses a standard 12-round magazine and can be great for training with this platform. It offers a 4” barrel, uses a 4.85 pound trigger pull, and weighs 20.8 ounces empty. Overall, it measures 7.1” long, 5.3” tall, and 1.3” wide. Of course, it offers all of the same specs as the standard models, which is what makes it so well-suited to the job of training.

Cerakote Your Walther PPQ

If you think the PPQ is the right gun for you but you are also interested in getting something that matches your unique tastes, Omaha Outdoors can still help. Using a certified cerakote technicians, we can apply an in-house finish to your weapon to help it really stand out from the crowd. This finish can be applied to the frame, the slide, or both the frame and the slide. Our most popular options include: Tiffany Blue, FDE (Flat Dark Earth), OD Green, Burnt Bronze, Patriot Brown, and Pink, but ultimately you are limited only by your imagination. Once the finish is applied, each firearm ships out with a 12-month workmanship warranty, ensuring the finish was applied correctly and lives up to your expectations. Omaha Outdoors was built as a full service shooting and outdoors retailer, so we take pride in the work we do to provide our customers with the best tools for the job. When it comes down to fulfilling your order, we don’t want to leave anything to chance. We understand how reliable the Walther PPQ can be, but we are also happy to help you find whatever else you might need. If you have questions about whether this is the right gun for you or you need help finding anything else, please pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to serving you and helping you stay on target.


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