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Imitate the greatest spy of all time with a Walther PPK from Omaha Outdoors and see why this gun continues to live up to its reputation. Shooters who carry handguns with them at all times often have debates over what the best method of carry really is. The one school of thought is that open carry can act as a deterrent. It provides a visual way to show potential attackers that you are armed and ready to defend yourself in case of attack. Of course, some areas around the country simply don’t allow for open carry, which is where concealed carry gets the most attention. On the other hand, some suggest concealed carry is preferable over carrying openly simply because it gives you an element of surprise. When you have the gun hidden on your person, a potential threat doesn’t know that you are ready to put up a fight, which makes him underestimate you and leaves you open to respond accordingly. For this reason, even those shooters who are able to carry openly often choose to conceal their daily carry. Among the different options you might consider for this task, few have a reputation that can compare to the legendary Walther PPK.

Which Walther PPK is Right for You?

While concealment may be the first objective with the PPK, Walther understands that different shooters have different priorities, which is why they offer a few key options with this model. The main distinctions exist between the Walther PPK and PPK/S, but before delving into those you might want to consider what all of these models have in common. The gun is built around a compact stainless steel frame and slide. It features ergonomically designed grips with checkered panels for easy handling and a secure hold. With a standard flat-bottom magazine and an extended option for superior grip, it provides just what you need to stay on target. The gun features an internal slide stop, which means less risk of snagging as you draw the weapon. The manual safety is conveniently located for easy access as you draw. Meanwhile, the beavertail extension improves comfort and handling wherever you go. Each model also features fixed front and rear steel sights, offering a snug fit to the slide to prevent snagging. Finally, both models offer a traditional magazine release to provide the smoothest operation in the field.

Technical Features of the Walther PPK

Looking deeper into the gun, you will find some more similarities. All of the models feature a 3.3” barrel and measure 6.1” long overall, making them small enough to pocket if you need to. For the standard .380 ACP models, all guns measure 1” wide as well. They also utilize the same single/double action trigger, which offers 6.1 and 13.4 pounds, respectively. From here, you start to notice the differences. The first difference is in the frame, with the PPK holding to the original 1931 design and offering a classic look that you can’t mistake. The PPK/S was redesigned in 1968 and offers a bit of a more modernized look. With this modern approach, the original frame is modified and instead of taking 6 rounds of .380 ACP with a 3.8” height, the PPK/S accepts 7 rounds and reaches a height of 4.3”. Alternatively, you might choose the PPK/S chambered in .22 LR. This offers a trigger with a 17.5 pound double action and 6.1 pound single action pull. It features a 10-round magazine and measures 4.9” tall, but cuts down the width by a fraction to 0.98” overall. Whether you choose the PPK, PPK/S, .22, or .380, all of these models are available in black or the natural stainless steel finish.

The Omaha Outdoors Quality Difference

No matter where you order a Walther PPK from, you can trust that gun to live up to your expectations. But, the truth you already know is that shopping is more about the experience than just about getting the items you want. With Omaha Outdoors, we understand the kind of shopping experience you are after and look to provide it every time you visit. Our convenient online storefront was designed with easy-access sorting features that allow you to navigate to precisely the right items. In addition to ordering your new pistol, this means you can pick up some extra magazines, ammunition, a holster, and anything else you might need to get going. Ultimately, shopping for a new gun should be pain-free and here at Omaha Outdoors, we want to make sure it always is. When you order through us, you get access to a full team of customer service reps who are delighted to talk with you and answer any questions you have. You also have the benefit of our world-class shipping services, which ensure your order is processed and shipped as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, go ahead and give us a call. Otherwise, we look forward to receiving your order online and thank you for choosing us to order your Walther PPK.


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