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Walther PK380 For Sale - Buy Walther PK380 Online

If you want the Walther PK380 in your arsenal, you can start and stop your search right here at Omaha Outdoors. Modern shooters have some significant advantages over their counterparts from a century or even just decades ago. With the advances in technology, more companies are able to harness the power of modern machining and provide a wide variety of options to choose from. Instead of being stuck with a handful of different quality manufacturers, you now have well over a hundred to choose from. To keep themselves ahead of the crowd, many of the biggest names are still finding even better ways to innovate, which is perfect for those who want a truly purpose-driven handgun. One of the things that pistol owners today look for is a more custom fit weapon. No longer is it a choice between full-size or compact. Instead, you have sub-compacts, micro-compacts, extra-large frames, and everything in between. Each of these often offers more options, such as interchangeable backstraps or specially designed grips to improve your comfort. For shooters with a small hand, you might consider a more specialized option like this. That way, you get the unwavering performance you need in a package that really fits your hands. When you want to get this kind of performance in a package you can really handle, the Walther PK380 is sure to do the trick nicely.

Checking Out the Walther PK380

Marketed by Walther as both “small and good looking” the PK380 definitely lives up to these promises and offers so much more as well. It starts with those famous Walther grips, which offer an ergonomic design that provides superior control. In this case, they are built specifically for smaller hands, allowing women and those with a small frame to get a better handle of the weapon. Moving up the frame, its magazine release operates on a paddle-style system, providing ambidextrous performance that makes staying on target easy and convenient. The manual safety is another part that is very easy to access, ensuring you can smoothly draw, release the safety, and fire in short order. With a chambered viewport, you can quickly tell if a round is in the chamber while the rear slide serrations help to make cocking the gun a breeze. Moving to the front, the picatinny accessory rail is integral to the frame, allowing for the quick and easy addition of any lights or lasers you might need. Topped off with 3-dot polymer sights, you can always acquire your target and take the shot quickly.

Plenty of Great Options to Choose From

All PK380 models come chambered in .380 ACP, which is what you might expect considering the name. They use a single action/double action trigger to provide an 11 lb. / 4 lb. trigger pull and offer a standard 8-round magazine. Powered by a 3.66” barrel, they deliver shots with unwavering accuracy in the field. Overall, the guns measure 6.5” long, 5.2” tall, and 1.2” wide, making them small enough to carry in a purse or conceal if necessary. The thing that really sets this family of Walthers apart is the fact that they all feature a unique cerakote finish. This hard ceramic-like coating offers a rugged exterior finish to protect the weapon from the elements, but it also gives them a unique personality. At this time, the Walther PK380 comes in Black, Nickel, or Angel Blue. If you choose the black option, you can also opt for one that includes a rail-mounted laser.

Moving Beyond the PK380

While this pistol might be the primary reason you are shopping today, it is important to remember that Omaha Outdoors can help with much more than just your new PK380. As a full-service outdoor and shooting retailer, we work to keep a wide inventory of products that you can use to continually enhance your user experience and ensure you get the most out of your new purchase. Whether this means buying some extra magazines, ordering a new holster, picking up an extra pair of eye protection for the range, or anything else, we are happy to help. Our convenient online storefront offers you easy access, allowing you to quickly find whatever it is you need. Of course, we also understand that you might have questions about what you see. Whether you are having a hard time finding a specific item or you are looking for advice on whether this gun is right for you, our staff can help. Just pick up the phone Monday through Friday and one of our dedicated representatives will offer you friendly guidance to help you stay on target. Once you have selected your new Walther PK380 and any other gear you need, go ahead and place your order below. We look forward to your business and hope to see you again soon.


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