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When you need a Walther P99 on hand for your protection, Omaha Outdoors is the place to start. While there are a variety of reasons you might be looking for a good handgun, perhaps the most common is that you want a gun to protect yourself. Whether it is for general self-defense, tactical applications, or military/law enforcement use, it takes a special type of gun to fill this role. Rather than just buying what seems most convenient, you should consider what others are actually using. By considering law enforcement and military agencies around the world, you can likely decide upon a model that will perform at or above your expectations, effectively ensuring your success in the field. The reason these guns are so reliable is that military and law enforcement officials have very stringent standards they put their firearms through. They look for guns that are made tough enough to last and offer the longevity that allows them to shoot round after round without faltering. They also search for something that is accurate, able to hit tight groups at various distances, even when tensions are high. Perhaps just as important, they look for guns that are comfortable to carry and easy to handle, enabling them to draw and fire under pressure. Among the guns that fit this criteria, the Walther P99 is definitely an exceptional choice to consider.

Why Do Law Enforcement Agencies Trust the Walther P99?

From the top down, the Walther P99 is designed as a no-nonsense law enforcement and military carry pistol. It starts off with 3-dot polymer sights, which feature a low-profile design to prevent snagging on your clothes. Up front, it offers a custom picatinny accessory rail, making it easy to attach any lasers or lights you might need to enhance your performance. With an anti-stress trigger utilizing a traditional double action design, many professionals will appreciate the nuances. When first fired, it requires 9 pounds to pull the trigger, but each subsequent shot only requires 4.5 pounds, which offers the perfect compromise and avoids accidental fire. Moving further back, the gun features an extended slide stop, which makes it possible to operate while wearing gloves. Its manual decocker is flush with the slide, allowing you to safely disengage the weapon while still avoiding clothing snag. Meanwhile, the slide serrations offer distinctive styling that makes operating the weapon easy. Using a paddle-style magazine release, users can enjoy true ambidextrous performance and never have to worry about compromising their grip. Naturally, the gun is finished off with a non-slip, cross-directional grip. This provides an ergonomic design that, coupled with the three interchangeable backstraps, allows for a custom fit and comfortable handling.

9mm or .40 S&W: A Detailed Look

As with many law-enforcement minded guns, the Walther P99 is offered in two different calibers: 9mm and .40 S&W. The first option, the P99C (compact) offers a 3.5” barrel regardless of caliber choice. It uses a 10-round magazine for the 9mm or an 8-round mag for the .40 S&W. Overall, it measures 6.6” long, 4.3” tall, and 1.3” wide. With an empty magazine, it weighs only 21.5 ounces. Alternatively, the standard P99 in 9mm uses a 4” barrel. It features a 15-round magazine, measures 7.1” long, 5.3” tall, and 1.3” wide. Finally, the .40 S&W P99 uses a 4.2” barrel. It is offered with a 12-round magazine, measures 7.2” long, 5.3” tall, and 1.3” wide. Regardless of which you choose, the model comes standard with a black tenifer finish for durability and resistance to corrosion.

Equip Yourself with the Right Gear

If you are considering a gun like this one, it is likely that you are not just looking for something to stick in the safe at home and take to the range on occasion. Instead, you want a gun that can perform under pressure and deliver as you go about your business in the urban jungle. Whether it is in law enforcement, private security, or personal protection, we want to make sure you have all the tools necessary to keep yourself safe. For this reason, we are proud to also provide a wide selection of tactical shooting accessories for you to consider. Whether you need a new holster, extra magazines, a rail accessory, or anything else, our convenient online storefront can help make your shopping experience easy and convenient. Regardless of whether you just want to order this Walther P99 now or you have other needs, Omaha Outdoors is here to make sure your experience is painless. Our dedicated customer service team is happy to help answer any questions you might have or direct you to the items you need. So, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call throughout the week for help. Once you are ready, just use our convenient sorting features to select the items you need and place your order below. Thank you for choosing Omaha Outdoors and we look forward to sending out your new items right away.


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