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If you are shopping for a Walther H&K replica pistol, Omaha Outdoors should be your first stop. As a gun owner in America today, there are a wide variety of different firearms you might look to have in your collection. Even if you tend to favor one type of weapon over another, each different application calls for a different caliber and type of weapon. For self-defense in the urban jungle, you might need a compact or subcompact pistol. For home defense, you might prefer a full-size pistol, a shotgun, or even turn towards a carbine or rifle. If you hunt, you might look for a different rifle or shotgun to help round out your arsenal. Of course, the one type of weapon you should never neglect is the range gun. Whether it is just to relax and have some fun or for serious training, having weapons to take to the range is essential. Even if you just go for fun, shooting often is one of the keys to ensuring you are able to reliably hit your mark when the need arises. Rather than breaking the bank by using your same firearms as you do for these other tasks, you might look for a more affordable replica to take to the range. Designed after the popular H&K 416 and built in a pistol configuration, this replica may be just what you need.

Shooting Your Walther H&K Pistol

Designed after the H&K 416 model rifle, this model is based around the original 416 receiver but features a handgun-length barrel and short quad forend. Since it is provided in this pistol configuration, it comes without a buttstock, making it possible to handle more easily at the range. Of course, it still comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a model like this. To begin, its quad rail system allows you to attach any accessories you might need, such as a aftermarket sights, a tactical flashlight, or anything in between. The standard sights are adjustable for windage and elevation, offering a great way to start things out. Both the charging handle and magazine release are located in the same position as the standard H&K 416, making them easy enough to access. The trigger is designed to offer a smooth and consistent pull, ensuring you stay on target with every shot you take.

Check Out the Technical Specs

Walther has an exclusive license with Heckler and Koch that allows them to produce these replica models for your enjoyment. As such, they are normally built close to spec, but since you likely won’t be using a pistol-configuration of the HK 416, this one offers some unique specifications of its own. To begin, this model is chambered in .22 LR, which is what makes it so well-suited for use at the range. It works off a blowback operation, offering reliable cycling with every shot you take. Depending on where you live, you can opt for a standard 20-round or 10-round magazine, giving you options at the range. Its barrel measures 9” overall and offers a 1:13.75 twist. Overall, the pistol measures 17.2” long. With an empty magazine loaded, the firearm weighs 5 pounds.

Walther Makes H&K Rifles

While this miniature version of the H&K 416 is certainly fun to shoot, you might also have some more practical applications in mind. Walther has an arrangement with companies like Heckler and Koch and through that they also produce some .22 LR rifles that you can use for training purposes. This way, you can have both the original and the replica model on hand. The replica can save you money while you practice, allowing you to get more valuable training with your chosen weapon. In addition to the HK 416 pistol, Walther also produces an HK G36, MP5, and rifle-length HK 416. This gives you plenty of options to choose from and allows you to get replicas of some of the best models. Regardless of what else you might be looking for beyond this Walther H&K pistol, Omaha Outdoors is here to make sure your shopping experience is as easy and convenient as possible. Our unique store features sorting options that allow you to narrow down your options and find exactly what you need. More important than this, our dedicated customer service team is standing by throughout the week to answer any questions you might have and help ensure you find the items you need. Once you are ready, simply place your order below. We look forward to serving you and getting your items out as quickly as we can.

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