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Before you head out into the urban jungle, you may want to order a new Walther CCP to help ensure you get where you are going safely. There are a lot of different handguns on the market today that you might consider for self-defense. Each of the major manufacturers has its own options to consider and many new, smaller companies are quickly joining the ranks. With such a variety to choose from, it can become difficult for the modern warrior to really decide which option is best for his purposes. To help you consider those options, you might want to consider the criteria that a military or law enforcement professional would use. Since you are looking to defend yourself with this weapon, the first thing you need is reliability. You want a gun that you can draw and fire without hesitation, knowing that the round will be delivered every time. From there, you want something that is accurate, a gun able to hit your mark no matter what the distance. Next, you might consider the ergonomics of the weapon, looking for a model that is easy to handle and draw for fast access. When you put all of these criteria together, the Walther CCP will definitely make the cut.

Meet the Walther CCP

One of Walther’s newer options, the CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) is designed for the modern warrior who needs to survive in the urban jungle. It is built around the ergonomic principles that make Walther such a popular company. This starts with the grips, which utilize a non-slip, cross-directional surface for better control and a more comfortable shape. The ambidextrous magazine release continues the ergonomic design, offering a convenient location for easy operation. Moving up the gun, the slide stop also provides easy access, while the front and rear slide serrations ensure you can operate the gun no matter where you are. Up top, the gun comes equipped with 3-dot polymer sights, providing simple aiming and target acquisition in the field. These sights offer a low profile design and are fully adjustable for windage to ensure you can handle yourself in the field. The custom accessory rail follows the standard picatinny style to allow for the attachment of any parts you need. For safety, the firearm comes equipped with the manual thumb safety and also a firing pin block safety for carry.

Specs to Make Sure You Succeed

A unique new feature for the CCP, this model operates off the powerful Softcoil technology. This system operates with a gas-delayed blowback and provides an easy cocking slide that anyone can operate under pressure. It comes powered by a 5.5 lb. dynamic trigger, which provides that smooth and consistent pull you need every time. Chambered in 9mm, the compact body is outfitted to take a standard 8-round magazine, delivering enough cartridges to take care of business. The barrel measures 3.54” and is rifled to provide accuracy with every pull of that trigger. Overall, it measures 6.41” long, 5.12” tall, and 1.18” wide. Weighing 22.33 ounces with an empty magazine, it is light enough that you can carry it all day without being weighed down. The standard model uses a cerakoted black slide but it is also available with an optional stainless slide for a bi-tone finish.

The Unique Omaha Outdoors Advantage

There are plenty of reasons to shop with Omaha Outdoors, but one of those reasons is that we also offer a special in-house cerakoting service available with your order. For an additional fee, we can coat your new CCP in any of our unique colors to help it stand out from the crowd. Right now, some of our most popular options include: Tiffany Blue, Pink, FDE (Flat Dark Earth), OD (Olive Drab) Green, Spartan Bronze, or Burnt Bronze, but this is just a sampling of what we have available. If you have a color in mind that you want, just pick up the phone and give us a call. This cerakote is expertly applied, the gun is function tested, and then it ships out with our 12-month workmanship warranty, ensuring a top quality application. Keep in mind, this coat can take 10-15 days on average to apply if we don’t have a model in stock with your chosen finish. Regardless of whether you decide to order a standard Walther CCP or look at getting one of our unique cerakotes, Omaha Outdoors is your number one destination for firearm shopping online. Our convenient storefront gives you access to all of the best options on the market today, while our customer service team is ready and able to help when you need them. So, if you have any questions feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Otherwise, your new firearm is just a few clicks away. We look forward to receiving your order and sending out your new pistol right away.


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