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Viridian X5L-R w/ TacLoc Holster For Springfield XD/XDm

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Springfield XD/XDm

Model: X5LR-PACK-X3
Finish/Color: Black

With its lack of a manual safety, the Springfield XD and XDm are both popular defensive handguns. So long as you hold the weapon correctly, you can quickly draw and fire on a target. By adding this Viridian X5L-R onto your rail, you can cut that time down even more and carrying it with your TacLoc Holster will ensure you have a fast draw and a quick response time to any threat you encounter.

Shipped alongside a specially fitted TacLoc Holster, this laser has all the features you need. Beyond the extra bright red laser, you’ll enjoy a wide tactical light beam, which helps you to see during any hour of the day. The sight itself was designed to be tough and durable, putting up with the same stress that you pistol might encounter. The holster itself is loaded with features as well, including ECR compatibility to ensure your laser activates as you draw. It also provides level 2 retention, keeping the weapon secure while allowing you to quickly draw when the need arises.

So, when you need a great red laser to attach to your Springfield and want to get started carrying the new configuration right away, this is definitely the way to go.


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