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Viridian X5L-R Universal Mount Red Laser Sight w/ Tactical Light (160/190 Lumens)

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Model: X5L-R-R
Finish/Color: Black

If you are looking for the way to ensure your accuracy, you might want to pick up a laser sight or tactical flashlight. With this Viridian X5L-R universal mount red laser from Omaha Outdoors, you can always perform at your best.

Doubling as a red laser and a tactical flashlight, this could make the perfect accessory to add to your pistol of choice. It comes with a universal mounting platform, which will allow you to attach it to any standard rail. The red laser is built to be extra bright, which provides you a clear view of your target. Similarly, the tactical light uses a wider beam, which ensures you can get the best field of vision during nighttime operations. Combined with the ECR technology and durable body, it provides a reliable option that you can trust to get the job done right.

When you decide it is time to get a red laser sight and tactical light combo, remember to keep this one in consideration for its powerful features you can trust.


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