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Viridian TL Tactical Light For Ruger LC9/380 and Radiance - Includes Pocket Holster

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Pocket Holster




Ruger LC9/9s/380

Model: RTL-LC9
Finish/Color: Black

The Ruger LC9 and LC380 are both excellent options for self-defense. During nighttime encounters though, the gun might leave something wanting. Rather than just hope that you can see clearly, a good tactical light may be what you need. This Viridian TL Tactical Light is built specifically for your Ruger and will provide the best experience in the field, providing you with all the visibility you need.

Built tough to last and featuring everything you would expect from a Viridian accessory, this tactical light may be just what you are looking for. Using Radiance technology, the light output is much more focused than most tactical lights, providing a wide field of vision to help you see everything around you. It comes ECR-equipped, which means that it uses a special proprietary technology developed by Viridian to ensure the light is activated as you draw. This model also ships with a pocket holster, which works with the ECR technology to ensure the light activates every time you draw.

So, when you are looking to get a quality tactical light for your Ruger LC9, remember that there are few options on the market that can compare to this offering from Viridian.


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