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Viridian Reactor 5 Red Laser Smith & Wesson M&P Shield - Includes Pocket Holster

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Hybrid Belt Holster




Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Model: R5-R-Shield
Finish/Color: Black

Are you hoping to improve the reliability of your M&P Shield while you operate in the field? Do you want to get the most out of your pistol while enabling yourself the ability to quickly draw and fire? If so, a good laser may be just what you need. Out of the lasers on the market, this Viridian Reactor 5 Red Laser was built specifically for your M&P and comes with a pocket holster to ensure you can carry it with you right away.

Built to be used specifically with your M&P Shield, this red laser was developed to provide the best and most reliable use in the field. It uses Viridian Elite Red technology, which offers a brighter light and better visibility during any time of the day. More helpful than this, Viridian’s lasers use Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR), which automatically activates the laser as you draw it from your holster, avoiding any wasted movement and conserving energy in the laser. To ensure you are able to carry it securely and keep it concealed, this ships with a pocket holster designed to accommodate your newly equipped handgun.

If you want to equip your M&P Shield with all the right tools to get the job done, make sure this excellent Viridian laser is on your list.


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