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Viridian Reactor 5 Red Laser Kahr PM & CW 45 - Includes Hybrid Belt Holster

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Product Features


Hybrid Belt Holster




Kahr 45 ACP

Model: R5-R-PM45
Finish/Color: Black

Are you looking for a way to ensure your Kahr is as accurate as possible when you use it for self-defense? Do you want to have the ability to quickly draw and fire your weapon without worrying about having to balance out your sights? A red laser may be just the tool you need, but before you buy one it is important you consider which will work the best. If performance and speed are what you need, the Viridian Reactor 5 Red Laser is what you want.

Built from the factory to provide a perfect fit on your Kahr pistol, this Reactor laser is just what you need to get the best accuracy out of your carry weapon. Utilizing ECR (enhanced combat readiness) technology, it provides a quick way to draw the weapon and have your laser immediately activated. This model also ships with a Viridian hybrid belt holster, which ensures you get a secure hold on the weapon as you carry and provides compatibility with your ECR technology to provide the fastest deployment available.

If you want a top quality laser to attach to your pistol, this option from Viridian also comes with a belt holster, which will ensure you perform at your best.


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