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Viridian Reactor 5 Red Laser Ruger LC9/380 - Includes Pocket Holster

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Hybrid Belt Holster




Ruger LC9/9s/380

Model: R5-R-LC9
Finish/Color: Black

The LC9 and LC380 are both very popular carry pistols today. Whichever one you carry, you do so because you can rely on the accuracy, smooth trigger pull, small size, and light carry weight, among other things. Of course, wouldn’t it be even better if you could simply draw the weapon and immediately know where you are aiming? With this Viridian Reactor 5 Red Laser from Omaha Outdoors, you can do just that. Thanks to the included pocket holster, you can draw quickly and get the immediate response time you have been looking for.

Developed using Viridian Elite Red technology, the laser on this Reactor 5 sight was intended to provide a brighter and more visible option for modern shooters. Its body was designed to closely hug your Ruger LC9 or LC380 series handgun, which allows you to get the best accuracy out of a laser sight on the market today. Furthermore, it uses ECR (enhanced combat readiness), which provides an instant-on feature as you draw the weapon. Using the included pocket holster, you can get the perfect concealed carry option and immediately have the laser ready when you draw it.

When you need to improve your ability to quickly draw and fire, you won’t find many accessories that work better than this Viridian laser from Omaha Outdoors.


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