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Viridian Universal Sub-Compact Tactical Light Strobe (100 Lumens)

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Model: CTL
Finish/Color: Black

For both home defense and tactical engagements, there are few pistol-mounted accessories that can offer more use than a good strobe system. If you assailant is also using a firearm, a good strobe system will disorient him or her, making it easier for you to take the shot without worrying about being hit yourself. Though you won’t typically find this for a subcompact, Viridian has designed this universal light to provide an option almost anyone can use.

Designed with the same strategy as the other Viridian pistol accessories, this sub-compact tactical strobe light provides 100 lumens of power to disorient your enemies. It provides either a steady light so you can see or can be adjusted to the strobe setting, which will work well in disorienting your targets during a nighttime operation. With its universal design, it will fit on almost any subcompact pistol, which makes it great for concealed carry as well as home defense or tactical assignments. Like the other models from Viridian, it uses no-nonsense controls and provides a durable construction you can trust to get the job done.

Whether for tactical assignments or for home defense, this strobe light will help you disorient your targets and ensure the best performance in the field.


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