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Viridian Universal Sub-Compact Green Laser Tactical Light (100 Lumens)

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Model: C5L
Finish/Color: Black

Are you having trouble choosing between a laser and a flashlight? Do you want your subcompact to have the potential for use in any environment but can’t decide which would be more useful for you? Combining both the laser and tactical light, this Viridian Universal Sub-Compact Green Laser Tactical Light is just what you need.

Featuring a universal design, this green laser / tactical light combo will fit on virtually any of your subcompact pistols. Its lightweight, low-profile design avoids any weapon overhang, which ensures you can still conceal without issue. The green laser has been shown to increase combat visibility, which helps ensure you always stay on target in the field. Similarly, the tactical light provides 100 lumens of output in a wide field of vision, which ensures you can see where you are going at night. All combined with the ECR technology, this ensures you have immediate access to your tools upon draw, giving you the best shooting results in a pinch.

So, if you are looking for a combo light / laser to equip your concealed carry pistol for the day and night use, this is the way to go.


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